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Now available! The Path of the Horse:
from competition to compassion
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Welcome to OurHorses

OurHorses is an international community of friends working together to create a better world starting with providing sanctuary for horses and humans.  We are dedicated to spreading peace through heart and feeling-based education with horses at our sanctuaries and by working together on service projects such as providing free meals in our communitites.


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The Path of the Horse is now free online with translations as well:

Sur la Voie du Cheval – documentaire – français sous-titres  (French)
Der Weg des Pferdes – Dokumentarfilm – Deutsch Untertitel (German)
El Camino del Caballo – documental – subtítulos español (Spanish)
Hestens vej – dokumentar – danske undertekster (Danish)
Droga konia – film dokumentalny – polskie napisy (Polish)


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