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The Path of the Horse eBook on Kindle takes the reader beyond the Path of the Horse documentary, following Stormy May's path in the years following the release of the movie. Originally released in 2012 and updated in 2016.

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Stormy Gizmo CanadaBecome part of the team working on the Path of the Human movie! All patrons get exclusive access to test videos to help create the path to peace together. The first test video is already available on Patreon. Also, patrons get great rewards like a download of the Path of the Horse movie, eBook and audiobook, thank you cards, consultations and even a listing as an executive producer of the next movie.

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When $200 is pledged I will finish and release the first segment of the Path of the Human.

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OurHorses supports Gratitude Bowls!

OurHorses is proud and excited to be a primary supporter of the new Gratitude Bowls Indiegogo campaign!

gratitude bowls food bowl

Gratitude Bowls is a project that uses the existing infrastructure of restaurants in our communities to feed those who couldn’t otherwise afford to eat.  We start by diverting food that is currently wasted and make it available as nourishing meals.  We reimburse the restaurants for each meal served through our fundraising efforts. 

Why is an organization focused on providing sanctuary for horses now supporting a program to feed humans? 

It’s a simple practice.  The more people are cared for, the less they have to worry about basics like feeding themselves, the more they have the opportunity to be concerned with subjects such as the ethical treatment of animals and the preservation of our environment.  Kindness is like a seed, if you plant it and nurture it, it grows.  When it grows it benefits everybody; humans, animals, and the earth. 

Visit our Gratitude Bowls fundraising campaign today!:

Stormy May along with Sierra Roots are providing an action nearly everyone can take today to lead towards this world where everyone is cared for through human kindness.  Even something as simple as sharing this message is an action that changes the world.

Never underestimate the power of goodness within you.  This power of goodness can change or heal the lives of others around you.  – Anthony Douglas Williams – Inside the Divine Pattern

Meet the herd at Weideparadies in Germany

Farino weideparadies horseWeideparadies is a paradise in Germany where a horse can be a horse.  At Weideparadies horses, donkeys, cows, sheep, dogs and humans live in harmony because the humans have chosen to use their time, talents and other resources to provide the best environment possible to give all of the animals lives with dignity and respect.  The animals live together in herds, and in families when possible. 

Here is a recent article from a local German paper about Weideparadies (translated).  See the original article in German here:  Weideparadies (German)

Paradise for four-leggeds

Holzheim, Germany

To make the world a little bit better for humans and animals, that’s what Inge Hoffkamp wants to do.

For two years she has run a sanctuary called “Weideparadies” at Hof Heisenstein in Holzheim, Germany.

Along with friend, Sonja Thiel she had the idea to create a place where horses could live according to the paddock paradise concept. At the farm of Peter Lachenmeier she found the opportunity.

Inge Hoffkamp was born in Baden–Wüttemberg and moved to Haunetal 10 years ago.

The 46 year old worked as a veterinary assistant and studied horse psychology and also was a housemother in an anthroposophical community.

18 horses –  16 of them are not her own as well as a donkey, 5 cows, sheep and dogs live at Hof Heisenstein. The paddock paradise area spans 5 hectares guiding the horses over different ground materials and through the forest. “We were inspired by the paddock paradise concept of Jaime Jackson, an American farrier,” said Hoffkamp. ” Horses need movement on different types of ground and a natural diversity of food. That’s why species-appropriate horse-keeping is nearly impossible in Germany.” Many horses get laminitis says the manager of “Weideparadies”. They regularly offer workshops on hoof care and healthy hooves, which are attended by people from all over Germany.

Owners of the other herd members, from an Arabian horse to a wild Icelandic pony come from Hamburg, Bremen, Essen and from Switzerland. “We can not take any more horses,” says Hoffkamp “we want to work on the quality not the quantity.” Hoffkamp also provides a home for animals that are entrusted in her care from the animal rescue.

Inge Hoffkamp points out a an important part of the concept. “ None of our animals get used. It means we do not work with them.” The horses don’t get ridden, the cows don’t get slaughtered, and only the wool of the sheep gets used.

Hoffkamp stopped riding 5 years ago. “Studies show that it is harmful for horses.” the 46 years old says. She does not want to proselytize to anybody and she knows that she upsets a great number of pleasure and sport riders. But she cannot reconcile horse sports with her own conscience anymore.

Students from Witzenhausen, Göttingen and Holland are regular guests in Holzheim to observe the herd behavior of the “free” animals.

In the future Hoffkamp wants to integrate the cows into the horse herd. “Here true friendships arise.”

The 46 year old is certain.


Weideparadies is the newest sanctuary to join OurHorses in changing the world for horses and humans.  If you have been following OurHorses for some time, you may remember reading about Sonja Thiel at Weideparadies organizing the rescue of 5 horses whose owner, Katherina, had become seriously ill.  Sonja raised funds, arranged transportation and now looks after the care of the father and mother horses Miro and Betty and their family of 3 children Amira, Loulou and Layla.  These horses share a strong family bond, rare to find in today’s horse world.  Sonja says  the horses are so close, when they sleep one stays on guard and the rest lie down, often so that each one is touching another.

Horses laying down Weideparadies

Here is a video clip of the horse family and humans enjoying each other in the snow.  


Now they have lived 11 months at Weideparadies and have Miro and horse herdbeen allowed to continue living free, safe lives where they are protected and honored as members of the family.  

To ensure they can continue to live free from harm, the herd needs people interested in preserving this beauty in the world.  Sponsors are invited to donate to their care and to visit and feel this loving bond.  You can donate here via PayPal and all funds raised will go to support Miro, Betty and the kids.  To contact Sonja directly for more information email her at: .  More information about Weideparadies can be found at .  Sonja and Sofi horse


The Path of the Horse DVD and Horse as Teacher book

The Path of the Horse DVD and Horse as Teacher book

As a thank you for helping us explore this path we’re offering a special package for everyone seeking to understand the horse human connection.

Better together – DVD and book

Watch it, gift it, loan it to a friend, hold a film screening, donate it to your community library — think of the possibilities — what could you do with a Path of the Horse DVD?  All DVDs play in all regions, include special features, and subtitles in German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, French, Danish, and English.

…together with…

A signed copy of Horse as Teacher: The Path to Authenticity with Horses.  This is the first book in a series bringing together the writings of people working on the forefront of the shift in consciousness with horses. Contributors include Stormy May, Anna Twinny, Kathy Pike, Lisa Dee, Susan Williams, Wendy Golding, Holli Lyons, Karen Head, Melisa Pearce and Mary Beth Meyers.

From the preface to the book:

The stories in this collection will move you to tears, make you laugh, remind you of your first brush with love (in the form of a horse), and more important, connect you with your soul; because that’s what horses can do when you are willing to embrace what they so naturally and beautifully reveal to you…Click to read on…

Stormy May will sign each copy of the book and include a hand-written thank you along with some other fun gifts in the personalized package.  Read more on our Products page where you can also buy single copies of the DVD and download the Path of the Horse ebook for free.

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Art auction fundraiser

Playful Horses detail XanaduWe’ve been looking at each other and scratching our heads and wondering how we’re going to fund this campaign to make the world a better place for all of us.  Keeping up with the website, emails and blog posts, responding to inquiries, connecting people, offering advice and ongoing learning and workshop development all costs lots of our most precious commodity, time.  Since none of us are independently wealthy, we’ve come up with solutions ranging from housecleaning and pet sitting to hoof trimming and all sorts of other regular “day jobs” that enable us to feed our horses and other various family members.  In order to move to the next stage, we’re going to need to transition from jobs that pass the time to ones that are in closer alignment with what is being asked of us in this new age, without asking horses to perform for us anymore.

One idea that has been proposed is to start an art gallery featuring works from OurHorses community members. 

To test this idea and see how much interest there is in art along this path, we’re offering an original oil painting by Stormy May. This painting, Playful Horses, was done while Stormy was in art school in her 20’s exploring how bodies of horses work together.  Done from feeling and memory (as opposed to copying a picture) Playful Horses brings together two horses from Stormy’s life who never met in the physical.  Basho, the inspiration for the grey horse, was an orphan Thoroughbred Stormy helped raise and Xanadu, the bay, was her partner through her Pony Club years.  The horses are playing free in front of the backdrop of California’s golden hills in a field of wildflowers and grasses.  The painting is done in oil paint on canvas board. Playful Horses is featured in the book, The Path of the Horse: from Competition to Compassion.

playful horses painting 2

This is a chance to own an original piece of the path Stormy traveled in her explorations of how horses fit in our lives today.  Show your support for what we’re doing now and enable our transitions into a world of peace and healing.  This painting is sure to become more valuable as the message of The Path of the Horse spreads.

The painting is 12″ x 16″ and includes a simple dark green wooden frame.Playful Horses detail Basho

We’re offering this painting by silent auction on our website.  Post your bid in the comments section below.  If you are unable to post or would like to remain anonymous, please email your bid to and we will keep the bidding updates current in the comments section here.  Bidding for this picture ends next Saturday, February 16th, 2013 at 5pm PST.  The winning bidder will be expected to pay the actual shipping and insurance costs which will be calculated when we have the winner’s address.  Due to photography and different computer monitor calibrations, actual colors will vary slightly from how they are displayed on the screen.

Bid today; show your support for a new world of kindness and respect for all beings. 


I am forever grateful that you created the extraordinary documentary, The Path of the Horse. The structure and order in which the ideas you were attempting to portray were perfectly done. It introduced the problems with common practices while at the same time beautifully and graciously discussing the alternatives to those practices in a way that seems to awaken the inner most consciousness that are embedded in the minds of all beings.  The way you sought out illumination in others was carried out delicately but with complete honesty, and for that, you have my utmost and highest respect.

Maegan Thomas