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The Path of the Horse eBook on Kindle takes the reader beyond the Path of the Horse documentary, following Stormy May's path in the years following the release of the movie. Originally released in 2012 and updated in 2016.

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Ren Hurst interview with Marlene Narrow on Vegan Nation

Ren and Bailey stillPractical steps to end exploitation and control of others in order to experience unconditional love in our everyday lives. Unravel the mystery of what draws us to horses and the other animals we love. Learn how to use our relationships to create a peaceful world. Here is a two part interview of Ren Hurst by Marlene Narrow of Vegan Nation


Part 1 February 10, 2017

Part 2 February 17, 2017

Learn more about Ren’s work at the New World Sanctuary Foundation website.

Want to see some new videos?

Those of us on the OurHorses council have been talking about the actions we can take to get this message about peace and understanding with horses and humans out in a larger way.  One project we’re pretty excited about is a series of 10-minute videos detailing different lessons and explorations we’ve embarked on along this path.

Our scripts are still in rough draft form as we explore further each day with the horses and humans in our own lives, but we want to take some time to report on where we’re at now and invite you to join us in our pastures. 

We have a series of 10 videos planned that will be released publicly for free on YouTube and other sources to help spread awareness of this way of being with horses as well as to call together the team that is going to get us to the next step of our creations.

We’re funded completely by donations and sales of the Path of the Horse movie.  In order to produce these videos we’re setting up a new fundraiser.  We can produce each video for $1,000 USD since most of our costs (cameras, sound equipment, editing equipment) have already been paid for and we’re doing this as one of our own service projects.  We do need some cash in order to justify spending our time on the videos rather than the various other ways we’ve found to make our livings.  We hope many of you are in the fortunate position that you have some dollars to give as your part of walking this path today.

The nice thing about this fundraiser is that as soon as we have raised $1,000 we’ll be able to get the first video out within about two weeks.  Will it work?  Let’s see!  Want to see this series of videos?  Send a few dollars or some words of support.  Share this message with everyone who wants to see a more peaceful world for horses and humans.  With each $1,000 received, we’ll produce another of the videos and release it freely on the Internet.


Here’s our draft of video topics:

  1. “I think I know” lessons from the horses
  2. Who is in charge?
  3. The responsibilities of the leader
  4. The path of the follower
  5. Balancing a day
  6. Finding the peaceful way
  7. Present of presence
  8. Power and authenticity of community
  9. Following our hearts/letting go
  10. The next steps to inner and outer peace

Update on Katherina’s horses

In case you’re just joining us here at OurHorses, we’ve taken on the project of caring for a family of 5 horses in Germany for a year while their human caretaker heals.  This herd includes a mother, father (now gelded) and 3 offspring who have been able to live together as a close family without being ridden or worked with in any traditional sense.  We get a rare chance to see and support a horse family living the best life that we can provide in a world where they are valued simply for being who they are, not for what entertainment or recreation they can give humans.  Here’s an update on how they are doing.

We have now created a larger area for Katharina’s horses. They can now walk from the yard a long way down into the valley. First, their area comes from the pasture into a path in a small wooded area with a beautiful glade. From there, they can use another way into a large pasture with fruit trees. Here they have hay and water.

horses in Germany

At first the five horses were very insecure and not wanting to leave their familiar field. They stood at the fence and showed neither curiosity nor interest in the new path. They all looked very relieved as Sonja came to walk down together with them. Immediately all the horses followed her confidently into the unknown, new terrain. The first was Layla the youngest foal, she is very curious and self-confident. In the glade all of the horses were very excited and bucked and ran back and forth. They all were at full speed and just wanted to run back up the hill but immediately stopped at Sonja’s call.  They turned and followed her to the next big area with the water and the hay. There they investigated together with Sonja the pasture, the hay and water until they felt safe and happy with the new grass.

Now they stay in the new pasture in the valley and seem to like it there. Together they search for grass and chew hay from their haynets and observe the village life in the distance.

horses in a field in Germany

Sonja writes, “I feel that they have a lot of trust in us humans and that they have the experience that what we say is valuable and always positive for them. They reacted so full of trust, open and curious to my offer to walk to the new pasture with them and again when they got nervous and wanted to run back home.”

What a blessing that we have been able to make it so far to get these horses into a safe, caring home. 

horses in a field in Germany

All together we have now collected 1813 € in donations for Katharina’s horses. (1200 € was the cost of the transport.) So we have 613 € for hay and everything the horses need.  I think that is already very, very good!  It’s wonderful that so many people have helped us and the horses.  We still have 1787 € to go.

We’re over half way to our total!  Please donate a few Euros today.  Thank you to all the people who are helping Katherina, the horses and their caretakers!

Katherina's horses in Germany

Path to world peace

Let’s come together horse lovers and forge the path to world peace. 

It starts inside, and radiates out.  If you need some fresh ideas and want to be part of a team creating inner peace that leads to world peace,  join us on our explorations.  Anybody who is pursuing hontoto relationships who would like to have phone/skype contact with others on the path please send your phone number, skype name, location, and preferred language to: and we’ll create a buddy list so we can get to know the team we’re working with.  This list will only be available to the people who are on it, names and numbers will not be released publicly.  Let’s talk soon!

Honoring subtle moments

This path is a subtle one most of the time.  We look for beauty and harmony in the little moments of sharing connection with our loved ones.  Learning the language of horses gives us an opportunity to be humbled.  No human knows their language as well as they do.  Putting ourselves in that uncertainty can be a doorway to a world beyond judgment. The unknown can feel like a birth canal that squeezes and hurts until you surrender to the larger power moving through.  There is a dance we can find together.  Watch Stormy May and Sundance find togetherness in these few minutes.

Meet one of Our Horses

Join us in the pasture and meet one of Our Horses.  You’ll get to know more about this horse in the coming weeks and months but for today, meet this animal with as few labels as possible.  Share some quiet moments and let us know what you experience during your visit.

Path of the Horse book on Kindle! Lynda Watson on courage

The Path of the Horse book coverIn order to spread the message of what we’re creating here at OurHorses, we’ve made the Path of the Horse: from competition to compassion eBook available on Kindle.

Click to get the Kindle book

Some of us in the OurHorses community are doing a challenge of taking a video each day for 30 days of what we’re doing with horses, or with other animals or whatever else comes to mind to share.   We hope these will serve as inspiration to others in the community to video a few minutes from your own days.  Let us see the team we’re working with.  Don’t let fear or embarrassment get in the way!  Take us on a tour of your life and loves.  If you’re not sure if something is good enough to post, just post it as an unlisted or private link on YouTube and email us ( we’ll watch and give honest comments and leave the public part up to you to decide.  If it’s in a language other than English we will try to find community members who speak the same language to be part of your team.

Here is Lynda Watson’s contribution for day 3 of the 30 day video-a-day challenge.  She’s talking about courage, how appropriate!

Be sure to check out her YouTube channel and keep up on her postings as she walks through her own beautiful personal transformational journey.

Lynda Watson’s YouTube channel

Introducing the herd at Hontoto Haven

We are exploring a new way of being with horses, hontotoHontoto is a Maidu Indian word meaning “together in heart and spirit.”  We have borrowed the word from the people native to the land where we live with the first horses to be treated this way in the modern world.  We will carry the word forward and let it stand to represent horses and humans living in harmony as family, and as a symbol for peace throughout the world.  We will be together in heart and spirit with every living being on the earth when we find peace inside.  In order to change the world, only one being needs to find that place.  You.  We’re building a community to explore this way of life by living it with horses and humans.

We’re trying our best to live a life of peace; to spend our time helping and healing rather than competing and exploiting.  It feels as if we’re at the beginning of the journey, but it’s felt like that for the past 6 years.  The newness must be part of  what makes this path feel so right.

Read more about hontoto here.

Introducing the herd at the newest OurHorses sanctuary, Hontoto Haven, in Glen Rose, Texas.  Ren Hurst and Brandy Setzer are exploring the path of hontoto with us.  Join us as Ren introduces her friend Jillian to the herd.

This is what we’re going to be doing this year, we hope many of you would like to join us and send your own video introductions.

Thanks to Katrine, Katherina’s horses feed is paid for for the next month!

Follow the path of the moment in peace, and community.  Let’s make our new year bright.

The value of embarrassment

In this short clip, Stormy May talks about embarrassment and how we can use it as a doorway to move ahead in the new world.  We’re wishing everyone a bright new year.  Thank you for walking with us to this moment, now the next step is up to you.  What are your wishes for the new year?


This wonderful film moved me to tears. It is unfortunate that the ever present pressure to be constantly digitally and remotely connected has for many dulled the connections we all have or are capable of forming with each other and with animals and nature. This documentary should be required viewing for all who live and work with horses. On the verge of buying my own first horse, I look forward to finding that connection and to simply being with her.

Moved to tears