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Art auction fundraiser

Playful Horses detail XanaduWe’ve been looking at each other and scratching our heads and wondering how we’re going to fund this campaign to make the world a better place for all of us.  Keeping up with the website, emails and blog posts, responding to inquiries, connecting people, offering advice and ongoing learning and workshop development all costs lots of our most precious commodity, time.  Since none of us are independently wealthy, we’ve come up with solutions ranging from housecleaning and pet sitting to hoof trimming and all sorts of other regular “day jobs” that enable us to feed our horses and other various family members.  In order to move to the next stage, we’re going to need to transition from jobs that pass the time to ones that are in closer alignment with what is being asked of us in this new age, without asking horses to perform for us anymore.

One idea that has been proposed is to start an art gallery featuring works from OurHorses community members. 

To test this idea and see how much interest there is in art along this path, we’re offering an original oil painting by Stormy May. This painting, Playful Horses, was done while Stormy was in art school in her 20’s exploring how bodies of horses work together.  Done from feeling and memory (as opposed to copying a picture) Playful Horses brings together two horses from Stormy’s life who never met in the physical.  Basho, the inspiration for the grey horse, was an orphan Thoroughbred Stormy helped raise and Xanadu, the bay, was her partner through her Pony Club years.  The horses are playing free in front of the backdrop of California’s golden hills in a field of wildflowers and grasses.  The painting is done in oil paint on canvas board. Playful Horses is featured in the book, The Path of the Horse: from Competition to Compassion.

playful horses painting 2

This is a chance to own an original piece of the path Stormy traveled in her explorations of how horses fit in our lives today.  Show your support for what we’re doing now and enable our transitions into a world of peace and healing.  This painting is sure to become more valuable as the message of The Path of the Horse spreads.

The painting is 12″ x 16″ and includes a simple dark green wooden frame.Playful Horses detail Basho

We’re offering this painting by silent auction on our website.  Post your bid in the comments section below.  If you are unable to post or would like to remain anonymous, please email your bid to and we will keep the bidding updates current in the comments section here.  Bidding for this picture ends next Saturday, February 16th, 2013 at 5pm PST.  The winning bidder will be expected to pay the actual shipping and insurance costs which will be calculated when we have the winner’s address.  Due to photography and different computer monitor calibrations, actual colors will vary slightly from how they are displayed on the screen.

Bid today; show your support for a new world of kindness and respect for all beings. 

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This wonderful film moved me to tears. It is unfortunate that the ever present pressure to be constantly digitally and remotely connected has for many dulled the connections we all have or are capable of forming with each other and with animals and nature. This documentary should be required viewing for all who live and work with horses. On the verge of buying my own first horse, I look forward to finding that connection and to simply being with her.

Moved to tears