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Horses as dolphins

Enjoy today’s poem and video by Stormy May about living with horses in the new world. horses as dolphins

Life with liberated horses
is like swimming with dolphins.
They reflect the current
of their surroundings.

See what they see,
hear what they hear,
feel what they feel,
and we can understand one another.

Let their hoofbeats
drum your heart.

-Stormy May

One Response to Horses as dolphins

  • Peter Hussmann says:

    I have swum with dolphins and it was amazing. Now I would like to “swim” with horses and listen to what they have to tell me.

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Everyone that has anything to do with horses should watch The Path of the Horse documentary with an open mind and an open heart and allow their understanding of this animal expand. If watched as stated you will find that you will be forced to learn more about yourself too.

I hope that more and more people will discover The Path of the Horse documentary and then share it with others. I have watched it twice with tears flowing and plan to watch it many more times.

Inspired by this documentary to go deeper within and then expand outward with a clearer vision.

Joni Solis