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The Path of the Horse eBook on Kindle takes the reader beyond the Path of the Horse documentary, following Stormy May's path in the years following the release of the movie. Originally released in 2012 and updated in 2016.

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OurHorses gatherings

horse human understanding

photo by Karissa Danielle Hunter

Learning from books and movies has its place but they can only serve to prepare the ground for the real work of transformation.  To be in real-life community with fellow explorers is a time-tested method providing fertile ground and the nourishment needed for us all to grow into the community that will be the change we wish to embody in our own lives and the lives of those we touch.

Our team has been growing together through work we’ve been doing at home and abroad with our horses and human friends and now we’re ready to bring the peace and sanctuary we’ve found in our hearts and spread it throughout the world through personal workshops…read more

6 Responses to OurHorses gatherings

  • Hello
    I would love to know what opportunities are available.
    I was just thinking yesterday it would be great if a herd of horses and the workshop could come to us.
    Or, all (14) of our horses live in a herd. All of their owners still ride occasionally but they might be open to participating in a one day workshop.

  • Lisa Alexander says:

    I need to talk to you about this, but I don’t know how….I have awesome horses and we live very intimately. I know I am like you, but I’m not sure how to relate to you. Does that make sense?

    I live in the foothills outside of Clovis, CA. Is there anyone of you who wants to connect with me?

    Lisa Alexander

  • Anna says:

    Hi Stormy

    Hope you are all brilliant I love the work you are doing! I hope you come out to New Zealand one day 🙂

    I tried to register but not had an email to say its activated. Not sure if you got the details or I had made a mistake.

    Keep up all your fabulous work you and Ren are an inspiration to us all!!

    • admin says:

      You’re activated Anna! I bet there would be lots of interest for OurHorses gatherings in New Zealand and Australia. Who wants to take on the preliminary steps to organize something in this part of the world? Email me:

      Take care,

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I am so glad to be a part of this journey…terrified…relieved…full of dreams… The new is never easy. But thank goodness I’m not on my own. And one day I will dance with my horses. And for the first time in 20 years I am reaching out to horses again like they are strange to me, but beautiful and enchanting. I am a child again, and hey, that’s scary, but also full of new light and colour. Thank you. The Path of the Horse is a huge Beginning.

Rebecca Paton