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Reading with horses

by Stormy May

Stormy reading with black horseThe beauty of reading with horses is you have something to do together besides trying to make them do what you want.  You are sharing space together with all participants feeling safe.  It’s something friends do. 

Maybe they enjoy the sound of my voice when I read aloud, maybe they enjoy the content of the stories or perhaps they enjoy feeling my emotional state induced by good books.  Reading books can be a doorway to an emotional state that feels good.

Here is one of my favorite recordings, taken with an iPod nano in 2010 with the herd that I was spending the most time with.  I see traces of my horse trainer background in the interactions.  I’m glad the horses seem to forgive me for it and like to be with me anyway.

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Hi!  I just watched the documentary on YouTube. I had been planning on attending Meredith Manor, an equestrian college in West Virginia, once I graduate high school, but your documentary changed my life and made me realize what cruelty we are bringing our horses for the sake of controlling them, and how little most people understand them.

Megan Babcock