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Who is the teacher?

Sofi horse and Stormy human



Watch the interaction between Sofi (the pony) and Stormy (the human.)  What do you see?  What do you feel?  Who is the teacher?  What is the lesson?

4 Responses to Who is the teacher?

  • Kimberly says:

    Always, the horse is the teacher. We (humans) are so far behind these creatures and their knowledge. The reason they do not talk as humans is because, they already know – much more to learn in silence…of course, Sofi is teaching you. The lesson, is just that – sitllness and silence – where one can go deeper into “knowings”. Blessings and love to these beautiful creatures – for they need it for all those who do not have the time to be still, with the horse. kc

  • kathie takach says:

    hi stormy,
    what i saw was a nice exchange of 2 beings, a sweet moment in time. i don’t think it matters who was teaching whom, only that you took the time to stop your action and tune into sofi who seemed to be making sure you absolutely had no treats(are you sure) and then becoming alert to the right , the way you were facing. i watched it the 2nd time with no sound, that’s when i noticed more things. then you got to take a deep breath and she moved on to looking at the right again, who was there, i wonder? that is what i saw( i could be dillusional)

  • Kristine says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I’m new here. I enjoyed this video. This is the third time I have tried to comment so hopefully this one doesn’t disappear when I hit post comment. And I apologize if it shows up more than once.
    This is long but there were so many little things that are significant in this. I am commenting on this without having listened. I like to do this with horse videos. I find I see so much more. I will go back and listen after I’ve written here.
    What I see is a person who is standing in a horse’s space in such close proximity that she is blocking the full vision in the horse’s left eye. The person wants to participate with the horse but the horse is not clear on what this participation looks like. Is the person clear? The horse is fidgeting with the person’s hand in a nervous way. Person pets the horse’s nose but the horse turns away. It appears to me that the horse does not know what is expected. The horse gains her space around her eye again by turning away from the person and gives herself some relief and time to think about what is going on. Obviously, the horse turning her head away does not mean she wants to leave because she is free to leave at any point. The horse is choosing to stay and figure this out with this person. The person adjusts her clothing and the horse turns back to her and begins fidgeting again with the person, participating with the person, again looking for some clue to what needs to happen. This is all in 13 seconds!
    At 16 seconds, the horse is quite insistent in trying to participate with this person. But, the person gestures her hand a bit hesitantly to move the horse out of her way and the horse honors this. The horse looks away and licks and comes back quickly to the person now investigating the person’s torso and head while her hands are behind her back. But she has learned already about the hands. When the person moves her hands back in front of her body, the horse is quite animated about staying clear of the hands. This is around 35 seconds.
    Now there is beginning to be a little play and dance with the hands. The person has her hands closed and up a bit. The horse is a little unsure but the person is relaxed. The horse asks the hand to move by nudging the closed hand and the person moves it forward and opens it. The horse looks away to give herself another release, licking, chewing, blinking. The person also relaxes by touching her hair, smiling a little and taking a breath. The horse comes back to the hand to participate in this little game again. The person welcomes her back with an open palm. The horse licks the open palm. At 1:00, The person shifts the game ever so slightly by moving her hand up the horse’s muzzle. The horse responds to this shift with a little nibble. the person quickly and assuredly takes her hand away but keeps a pleasant expression. The horse looks away and is blinking quite a bit. The person is also blinking a bit more. Release for both.
    And at around 1:12 a big shift happens for the person. She loosens enough to touch her hair again with her right hand, and her left arm drops from a braced position at her waist to a loose hanging position at her side. She takes a deep breath and the horse turns back towards her. But the hand is not so interesting to the horse now. It never really was. The person simply made her position clear back when she took her hand away from the nibble; the most sure move the person has made. The horse can relax with a clear sure person. The horse licks and gives the big release of several yawns. The person is focusing on her breath. Though her arms are relaxed I still feel like she needs to move her lower body a little to fully release the stiffness. It feels like she is glued to the ground and I wonder if the horse would be even more comfortable if the person would allow herself to feel comfortable shifting her position near the horse.
    Around 2:02 the person does shift by rolling her head and taking a deep breath. The horse is blinking and licking again, and releasing with little movements of her lips and muzzle. Now these two are getting some better understanding of one another.
    Thanks! Now I will go listen.

  • Julie says:

    The biggest compliment you can get from a horse is yawning while they are with you. But she really, really wanted a treat. She seemed to be thinking about afterwards, they way her mouth kept twitching.

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I had a friend send me this DVD and I decided to review it while working today.

I had to stop working and just watch it. In our busy lives we need reminders of being in the moment, and today this DVD gave me that gift again.

There is so much I could write about this DVD but it is still all swirling inside me. It is certainly a reminder for anyone who needs to reconnect with their horses (or with anyone in their lives). You interviewed the authors of some of my favorite books, and I enjoyed their message. BUT what came through me was your passion for the horses and because of this; you made their words have substance and in a way where you made each message intermingle and dance together, giving such a wonderfully complete message.

Thank you.

Catherine Bird