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The Path of the Horse eBook on Kindle takes the reader beyond the Path of the Horse documentary, following Stormy May's path in the years following the release of the movie. Originally released in 2012 and updated in 2016.

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  • kathie takach says:

    sorry rebecca, i just found this post! yes projekk is the name of my hair salon that supports my 5 rescue horses and 4 dogs….it is just me and the master plan to create a haven for my horses…

  • Juliane says:

    Hello to all the horse friends 🙂
    I just watched the movie “the path of the horse” and I don’t know what to say! That was so impressing *.*
    I’m a rider for more than 12 years… now I’m 16. A lot of the time i spent looking for people who treat horses the way i want to: respectful and politely!! The problem was that i thought a little pressure on the horse and punishments – from time to time – were ok. But that was what I’ve learned from my trainers. from 2006 to 2009 I got to know Claudia, who soon knew me better than i knew myself. And she knew how to take the fear of abused horses. She always called me “our little miss afraid of everything” but i lost all my fears by working with horses. She was the one who made me stop thinking and start feeling while beeing with horses. In 2009she moved 200 kilometers away from my place so seeing her often is impossible. We’re phoning nearly every months and talking about what is new with the horses around us.
    My little favourite mare Ronja was abused until she was nearly 10. Now she’s 19 and still afraid of dark rooms. She doesn’t stay in the barn without panicking. We always had a kind of a connection but when i got to know and work with her she was a spoiled horse, ridden by all the children who thought they were the best riders ever. I never thought i was a good rider. Just someone who’s interested in spending time and get to know these wonderful animals better. Last summer i got a bad knee injury and so from that point on i can’t ride with a saddle anymore. But i wasn’t sad about this because i knew this was my big change to spend hours days and weeks with Ronja without doing anything which has to do something with training. We took walks together… me with crutches and she looking after me. And when i let her go in the indoor riding area she follows me like a shadow.
    So in the end…
    Now she stays in the barn for at least 5 minutes without panicking. It was a long way but i spend a lot of time there together with her. ANd the main point, i think, was that i never forced her to go in there. I went in an just waited for her. and everytime she came after me i praised her like she was the best and greatest and bravest horse in the world 🙂 because for me she definetely was!!!

    Thanks to you to inspire me even more!!!!! Your way to show the way of leaving competitions and things that have to do with them is amazing!

  • karen says:

    I started riding in my late forties… and due to knee injuries also have found that most of my time is spent hanging out with my horse instead of riding. Learning to ride was my original goal, but I am surprised to learn that the relationship with my horse is much more compelling. The connection seems stronger when I am on the ground next to him instead of sitting on his back – go figure. :0) What a gift it is to share time with this loving being.
    I am seeking a community of like minded folks in Minnesota where I live – and would be happy to hear from others in my area.

  • Megan Jackson says:

    Hi Karen
    Just finding this site. I am in Wisconsin, outside of Madison. Where in MN are you? I have been in an Equine Facilitated Learning program with Juli Lynch in Hayward, Wi and there is a member who lives in MN. Like minded for sure. Let’s connect.


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I am forever grateful that you created the extraordinary documentary, The Path of the Horse. The structure and order in which the ideas you were attempting to portray were perfectly done. It introduced the problems with common practices while at the same time beautifully and graciously discussing the alternatives to those practices in a way that seems to awaken the inner most consciousness that are embedded in the minds of all beings.  The way you sought out illumination in others was carried out delicately but with complete honesty, and for that, you have my utmost and highest respect.

Maegan Thomas