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Sanctuary at your place

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Nine years have passed since the filming of the Path of the Horse while Stormy May has continued to explore more deeply the roles of horses in our lives beyond traditional concepts and into the space of “what is.”

Learning from books and movies has its place but they can only serve to prepare the ground for the real work of transformation.  To be in real-life community with fellow explorers is a time-tested method providing fertile ground and the nourishment needed for us all to grow into the community that will be the change we wish to embody in our own lives and the lives of those we touch.

Our team has been growing together through work we’ve been doing at home and abroad with our horses and human friends.  Now we’re ready to bring the peace and sanctuary we’ve found in our hearts and spread it throughout the world through personal workshops with Stormy May, Ren Hurst and their colleagues.  Gatherings can be tailored for experienced horse enthusiasts as well as for people unfamiliar with horses.

If you would like to hold a Path of the Horse gathering in your area, please contact us to discuss the details.  Each gathering will be a unique co-creation tailored for the horses and humans in attendance.  Whether it’s one-on-one or in the company of many, we have the skills to create a life-changing experience for each person who shows up willing to experience life in a new way.

Email to discuss the possibility of creating sanctuary at a place near you for a day or a lifetime.

24 Responses to Sanctuary at your place

  • Ariel Cottrell says:

    Hi Bonnie,

    I am definitely interested in possibly organizing something like this. I am up in Middletown, Lake County, California (about 30mins north of Calistoga on Hwy 29). We have a herd of 7 horses that live on 30acres of pasture, although right now they are cordoned off in a much smaller area due to rich spring pasture. There is a small winery and tasting room on the ranch which I am sure we could use for workshop activities/slideshows etc. I should clarify that I do not own this property, but just board my horse there with friends.

    I think I could muster up a group of about 10 people, but am not sure that people here would be able/willing to pay a lot. Would love to hear more about your ideas and what you think a day long/ afternoon event might cost/person. I am sure I we could use the facilities for free and make the event a potluck for lunch.

    Would be great to chat.

    PS: I have been following the Path of the Horse for a while now and have enjoyed some of Robyn Gate’s clinics in Sebastopol.

    • admin says:

      Ariel, thanks for your enthusiasm! I’ve sent details to your email. Savoring life in the wine country sounds like my kind of fun.

      Stay in touch!

  • Eva says:

    I am a swedish woman living in portugal since 3,5 years back…..and feel that the call with my move to this country has showed it self by
    the conditions the horses and dogs are living in this country. It would be a fantastic, amazing and very giving thing to be able to show the people
    of portugal and also to learn more by all of your fantastic info, the way to interact and live the theese fantastic animals.
    I am all in, and feel that this is probably the thing that I have been looking for….. 😉
    life has a strange way of finding ways…..
    all the best and thank you! (for now)

    • admin says:

      Hi Eva,

      I sent information to your email about the possibility of bringing OurHorses to Portugal. We love to travel!


    • Carol M. Rentas-León says:

      Eva…I. am a German American woman living in Puerto Rico. OUR SITUATIONS ARE SIMILAR. Please message me so we can communicate and discuss how we can enlighten those around us

  • Megan Babcock says:

    Hi! I just watched the documentary on YouTube. I had been planning on attending Meredith Manor, an equestrian college in West Virginia, once I graduate high school, but your documentary changed my life and made me realize what cruelty we are bringing our horses for the sake of controlling them, and how little most people understand them. It would be amazing if you could come to Utah and help more people understand horses on their level and not the level we are on. Also, I have a few questions about horses I’d like to ask you, privately. It would be incredible if you could take the time to email me! Thanks!

  • Marine says:


    I’m a french student looking for change in this world. Passionate of horses since 15 years, I’m looking how to go out of all this “classical horse riding” society. The film has opened my eyes a bit more, I wish I could do something like this after I finish my studies. Please can I have some information?
    Thanks a lot


  • Cheryl Brands says:

    I would love to get information on hosting a gathering in our area. We are in a small community of horse people in Waddell, AZ. This community is all horse property and many people that would love to share in this experience. I have a friend with the perfect location to host it. Please send me information. Thank you.

    • Alex says:

      Hello All,

      I am ready to join this revolution, it has been long coming. And coming for so long I didn’t even realize
      until I saw the documentary.

      I recently read a few ground-breaking books about horses. Then this documentary, it hit me so hard in the solar plexus, a soul stop for sure.

      I miss them. I have missed the smell and touch them. I miss braiding manes, and tails. and making sure their world was the best it could be. It all slipped away when we moved, and I knew something sacred left my world. Over the years I reconnected with horses, many times, but it wasn’t a way of life.

      I live in Arizona; rich in horse country. It is fertile ground for this new awareness.

      I bring my heart, hands, head and experience to help create a change.

      Please contact me.

      Alexandra “Alex”

  • Anita Champion says:


    I am down in Australia. I only have 2 acres in the middle of the suburb. I have just discovered The Path of the Horse. It has inspired me so much. I have a race horse that I have taken on but always new I may never ride him. Now I know why. If your ever down this way I would love to host the team here. I believe I would have quite a few interested. I am in Adelaide which is like a country town compared to Sydney and Melbourne. (But still busy with lots of lovely sites to visit too.) Kind Regards Anita

  • Georgia Elderkin says:


    I’m currently writing a novella about cruelty to horses and the issues that the majority of the horse society choose to ignore. Two years ago I went on holiday to Spain and stayed at a natural horsemanship yard, it was a real eye opener. I’ve loved horses and started riding at a young age but I never realised how the training was affecting the horses. I was really inspired and started to research into it more and more.

    After watching your documentary I learned a great deal. Natural horsemanship isn’t a big part of the horse world in the UK. I wonder if you could send me the details of any research materials that you think might help in my project.

    Best wishes,

  • Carlotta says:

    Hello, my name is Carlotta.
    I am italian but I moved alone to Canada, looking for some inspiration. I always been in loved with horses since I was so little But I only started to ride when I was 20, and it was only a year ago. It happens that I always had an amazing connection with horses while I was riding or only with them. I love to be around horses, I know they have a huge power on us. They make me feel happy as nobody. I came to Canada wanted to do hyppotherapy. I guess you guys know what it is. (physiotherapy using the horse to help kids with cerebral palsy or other disorders) but then I saw This video, and it changed completely my life. I saw it only 2 days ago and I am still “depressed” in the sense that I cannot think of something else. I want to do something to help horses. Our life has a purpose and I now that mine has something related with horses. Please, let me know what can I do. I would do everything to help horses, and you guys. First though, I would like to learn more about connecting and speaking with horses.
    Thank you.
    I wish you a wonderful day.

  • Carol M Oberg says:

    My name is Carol.

    I also live in Canada, in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley.

    Does anyone know of any sanctuaries in my area? I would love to participage in one or help to get one started. At present I board my 7 year old Andalusian X Louie but the path values donvt really fit within the boarding agenda.

    Thanks so much.

  • says:

    Hello again
    I live in Arizona in a place called Gilbert . I would like to be a part of support staff for the next time you are coming to Arizona with your work. I am looking to combine work like this with Soul Healing to bring Love Peace and Harmony to all souls. Sincerely- Divina

  • Clarisse says:


    I am so lucky I found you, your work is amazing! I really want to be part of this revolution! I live in London and in the south of France where my horse is, please tell me if I could do anything to help!? I will also enrol in your course because I definitely want to learn more.
    Thank you so much for all your passion and knowledge, you are changing so many lives (horses and humans!;p) Clarisse

  • Sabine Steffens says:

    Hi Stormy and everyone who works with you,

    my name is Sabine, and I came across your video “the path of the horse” yesterday. Not only was I very touched, it also stirred up something in me I had ignored for too long. Now I would like to know how I can get in contact with you, hopefully even in person. I live in Perth/Western Australia (born in Germany), am trained as a psychiatrist and would love to offer animal-assisted therapy. We have a 650ac farm one hour from Perth where our 160 rescued animals live including our herd of 102 wild ponies. I don’t know their exact purpose yet beside being loved by us, but I think it has to do with work of similar values I saw in your video.
    It would be great to learn more about your work and may be even be able to invite you to hold a workshop at our farm one day?! Also the idea of your sanctuaries interests me a lot, could you give me more information?
    For now thank you very much for all your beautiful work you do for this planet and our animals and human animals, all the best from down under Sabine

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I am so impressed with the Path of the Horse … it is brilliant and SUCH important work! CONGRATULATIONS – You are true trailblazer and incredibly brave. I actually did not know your personal story or how it was woven through all of this and it touches me so deeply that I just bawled and smiled and cheered through the entire thing- it is so incredibly humbling and takes me to a new level of both understanding and not knowing and seeking and surrendering.

Constance Funk