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An update from the Nevzorov’s

5 Responses to An update from the Nevzorov’s

  • To many this may seem extreme. But I am able to relate as in the following examples: To the subject of breeding: for the very same reason, I ceased breeding six years ago in order to provide for my remaining horses hopefully to their end. To the subject of cautions around horses: even Klaus Hempfling alludes to “not all persons should be with horses”. To the subject of using horses for therapy: I’ve been there, done that and ceased because of the unfairness to the horse. To the subject of returning horses to the wild: I am gravitating more and more to almost no riding and planning out ways to provide the most natural environment possible while mine are under my care. A good book to read on this subject is “Paddock Paradise” which was loaned to me by a natural farrier. Very helpful in determining things that horses really need. To the subject of intellect and the brain: I have read many books that theorize the human race has not yet met its potential to expand intellect as it was intended. We have within us the capacity to think exponentially in spiritual matters including the expansion of compassion. Whether atheists are grasping this or not, horses, to paraphrase Linda Kohanov’s work, are most Christlike in their willingness to cooperate, not harbor grudges, and live and let live. I wish I could find the quote. But I believethis is what she meant. As for Mr. Nevzorov’s way of receiving knowledge and inspiration, more than one book has been written through the process of “channeling”. Perhaps, he has raised his conscious awareness to the point where the purpose of horses is being revealed to him through such means.
    Thank-you Stormy.

  • kathie says:

    Thank-you stormy for this article!
    this is very exciting to read and to try and understand everything that is happening, the incredible implications.
    this feels so right, i can’t wait to tell my horses about it.

  • hoofwoman says:

    Thank you Stormy. It is a perfect article to start a thought process about what we as a species really want, what we can do and what the horse as a species really needs. I do expect this raising quite some heckles as many people will see their own personal dreams threatened. But it always takes only a few determined thinkers to turn things around. I admire your tenacity.

  • Iris says:

    I agree we should be way more considerate with just breeding for fun and money and only breed a horse that we are sure of will have care for the rest of it’s life. I do not agree with returning all horses back to the wild. Not (only) for selfish reasons (I love working with them) but I see the difference between a horse that is content and living a life in a herd in a field and a horse that is truly happy because it has a feeling of purpose and feels it can grow its talent, form a band with a human and even teach us. Horses take great pride in being a teacher. And that will immediately lead to my opinion about horses in therapy; yes I believe that horse can be very happy doing this. Obviously it needs to be done as safe as possible and the horses need to be well taken care of.
    Another thing I want to remind people about is the fact that the horse would not have survived this long if it wasn’t for the humans. The horse would’ve been extinct a long time ago. The horse has been a spiritual leader for humans for a long time, even without people realizing, and a lot of times the horse has suffered for that. For that I do feel that the relationship between human and horse needs to rise to a new level but not removed all together, because I feel that would be a loss for both human and the horse.

    About the dangers that could arise between horses and people and therefor only highly professionals should deal with horses: I don’t agree with that either because if we have to stop doing everything that could cause an injury, we might as well stay in bed. But I do agree that a lot of people dealing with horses today are not ready for it (and some will never be) and a lot of people really need to change their way of thinking about horses. But that is why it is great there are people people like Alexander

    I don’t want to sound that I am opposed everything Alexander says (because I am not!) I think he is a more than great horseman and a true example. But that does not mean I should not question some of his statements 🙂

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Everyone that has anything to do with horses should watch The Path of the Horse documentary with an open mind and an open heart and allow their understanding of this animal expand. If watched as stated you will find that you will be forced to learn more about yourself too.

I hope that more and more people will discover The Path of the Horse documentary and then share it with others. I have watched it twice with tears flowing and plan to watch it many more times.

Inspired by this documentary to go deeper within and then expand outward with a clearer vision.

Joni Solis