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Calling all super heroes

by Stormy May

I took a long break from watching television and listening to broadcast news.  When I listen now, I often become aware of the news as a steady stream of cries for help from around the world as well as in my community.  It reminds me of the bat signal, shining out for any super hero to get the call and lend her strength or cleverness or whatever super power she possesses to righting these wrongs in the world. 

The apparent gift of instant access to news has also led to many of us feeling like there is nothing we can do about the sad states of all these people and animals we hear about.  We might listen so we have things to talk about and have opinions about with friends or at the dinner table, but what help does one person really believe she can give to the tragedies she hears about on the news?  Don’t we all have our own tragedies to deal with first?

I started to suspect that in order to make things a lot better in this world, I needed to see if I could be that super hero.  What super powers do I have to offer?  Well, I think my most innate super power is a fascination for studying animals and a peculiar talent I’ve developed for listening to horses and flowing in their herds.  Along the way I also developed an ability to control cameras and film some of my studies of horses and nature.  I have the ability to talk about what I see and feel, and make movies about it, and write articles, and talk to people I meet, all of which have lead to the ability to attract together a group of people who are ready to try things differently. 

I know there are a lot more super heroes waiting for their chance to act.  They’re probably waiting for someone to recognize the super hero in them.  Maybe they have forgotten the powers they were born with and what they are to be used for.  Maybe they’re waiting for the call that pulls them to being the hands of good.  We’re offering this chance to join us and try out doing some good deeds simply to see if it makes you feel better.  It’s the path I found that feels right to me.  It might be right for you too, you’ll never know unless you try it.

We, the OurHorses council and community members are raising awareness about things that we can make better in the world.  We’re starting with two simple little projects because it’s going to take some evidence to convince ourselves that we really are the super heroes the journalists and concerned citizens have been calling for.

Our challenge for you today is to try out being a super hero, see what it feels like.  Think of the money you are willing to spend on a book or a movie or a new training program or seminar.  Try doing something different with it this time.  Try donating it to either one of the two fundraisers we have going on right now.  Then sit back and see how you feel about yourself.  Watch what happens in your world.  I have no idea what will happen for you, but when I’ve done this in my life, a particular unfolding happens and I see things from a different perspective, from a different consciousness.  I won’t say more than that, it is your experiment to make if you choose.

Fundraiser #1

Support the care of Katherina’s horses in Germany while she recovers from an illness.  Read more about this cause here.  Thanks to super heroes Sonja, Inge, and Terence for already being part of the help coming into Katherina’s life.  We still need to raise 3,555 Euros for the care of her 5 horses.



Fundraiser #2

Support the printing of the Path of the Horse book.  This Kickstarter fundraiser ends in 31 hours from the posting of this blog.  Thanks to Virginie, Jan, Renee, Natalie, Lucy, Lois, Valleil, Lynda, Katrine, Eva, Kim, Jannie, Carolyn, Christine, Julie and Sonja we’ve raised $2,220 of the $8,000 needed to get the book into its final printed form.  Because of how Kickstarter works, if we don’t make our goal in time, we don’t get any of the money pledged.  Of course since we’re super heroes we’ll figure out another way to get this message out, but it sure would be nice if we could turn our focus from fundraising to getting the book into print and into the hands of more potential heroes as soon as possible.  Visit our Kickstarter fundraising page here.

Thank you to everyone who has forwarded our messages.  Heike, Catherine, Laura, Cate, Jamie, Jan, Lindsey Horse-Illustrated, Margrit, Katrine, Lynda, Chloe, to name just a few.  It is a heroic effort in itself to stand and show yourself as an agent of this change of heart with horses.  We are also thankful to be supported by everyone who has bought the movie or book, and to all of you we will never know who did the most precious thing of all, told your friends about this vision of peace with horses and humans.

Right now we have many OurHorses community members across the world that see the need for a new path with horses and within ourselves.  169 of these people are able to connect in a Facebook group called “OurHorses creators.”  The people in the Facebook creators group are super heroes who have taken the following pledge:

I pledge to create peaceful, healthy, hontoto* relationships with the horses in my life. While I cannot know for certain how a horse experiences being ridden, scientific studies have shown that riding can cause pain and damage to a horse’s back, head, mouth, and other parts of their bodies. I will not ride, nor will I support equestrian sport, which places human gratification over the well-being of horses.

I pledge to not breed horses or condone the breeding of captive horses while there are not enough homes for all the horses alive today to live lives where they are protected and cared for.

I pledge to use the time that would be spent riding or in other self-serving pursuits to heal myself, so I can help care for others and the planet we share. I will spend less time in ways that gratify primarily myself or my immediate family, (e.g. television watching, gaming, sports, travel, shopping, hobbies, etc.) and devote the resources that would have been spent on these to help create and support sanctuaries for horses and humans where everyone is cared for.

I pledge to use my gifts and talents to share what I have in excess with my neighbors and my family from all parts of the world in the best ways I know how according to my heart stirrings.

*Hontoto: a Maidu Indian word meaning together in heart and spirit. Used to designate a way of being with horses and others that is characterized by freedom from force, restriction, and pain and focused on healing and leading healthy lives in community. More information about hontoto here: or in the book, The Path of the Horse by Stormy May

With the release of the PDF version of the Path of the Horse we have been able to connect with some high profile people in the fields of animal welfare and horse human relations who have been happy to download a copy of the book and cheer us along with their reviews and sharing.  Look for articles and reviews coming out in many publications over the next several months.

It seems almost unbelievable that this world is already being supported by the super powers in each of us.  Thankfully, we can all believe it because we can see it.  We can see the good we’re doing in the world as reflected in the eyes of our horses.

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This wonderful film moved me to tears. It is unfortunate that the ever present pressure to be constantly digitally and remotely connected has for many dulled the connections we all have or are capable of forming with each other and with animals and nature. This documentary should be required viewing for all who live and work with horses. On the verge of buying my own first horse, I look forward to finding that connection and to simply being with her.

Moved to tears