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The Path of the Horse eBook on Kindle takes the reader beyond the Path of the Horse documentary, following Stormy May's path in the years following the release of the movie. Originally released in 2012 and updated in 2016.

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All proceeds are used to support OurHorses sanctuaries, educational programs and service projects.

Caring for our family

Part of the reason for creating the OurHorses community is to connect those of us who are on a new path with horses so we can support each other in many different ways.  Though our numbers are still small compared to other horse communities, we are proof that there are people interested in living in non-violent ways with horses.

One of the biggest concerns many of our members have is what will happen to our horses if we are unable to care for them.  Will they have to go back into the world where they are required to submit to human desires?  Are there enough of us joined together now that we can provide support for those of us who are facing this unthinkable situation?

At the end of the Path of the Horse book we see a letter sent from a woman, Sonja, in Germany who has created a sanctuary with 6 friends, 11 horses and various other animals who are cared for and respected for being themselves.  Sonja is now asking for help to care for the horses of another woman who is ill and unable to care for her 5 horses.

Let’s take action and prove that we will support each other in times of need.  By answering this call we are building strength and trust that we too will be cared for when we face our greatest fears.  Let’s experience ourselves as the family who gives what we can to support everyone living in this new world.  Let’s start by reading Sonja’s letter below and then taking action.

Katherina and Miro

Katherina and Miro

Serving horses and humans

By Sonja Thiel, Germany

Katharina is a woman from Switzerland, living close to the German border. She cares for a beautiful family of 5 horses and lives a vegan lifestyle.

Katharina: “My horse family has 5 members: Miro, the father, is an Egyptian Arabian stallion. He’s the cutest and most sensitive stallion you can imagine, with a very special and charming personality. He always looks after his family very well, and is also quite fond of humans, always looking and listening to what I’m doing when I’m at the stable. He has never been ridden. Miro was sterilized last year, so there will be no more foals.

Betty, a Freiberger, is the mother and the boss.  She has cared for her 3 foals with much passion. Otherwise, she has a quiet and lovely personality. Before she came to me 4 years ago, she had been ridden and driven.

Amira, Loulou and Layla, her offspring, are the kids you’d expect, exploring and testing out everything.  None of them has ever experienced any harm from humans, so they sometimes can be pretty naughty. And of course, they love human company.”

Until now Katharina has cared for these horses very well. She does not ride them and they get a lot of love from her. The foals have grown up in a nice environment with their family and a caring human friend.

Amira and Katherina

It could be a great example of the “OurHorses” project when we, as part of this community, take care of these horses and by doing this, care for Katharina too. It will give her strength to fight her illness when she knows the horses are in good hands and that people around the world care about her and the horses.

We do need help to cover the costs of this care.  It will be 1200€ for the transport of the horses, shelter and fence material as well as monthly costs of 200€ for food and everything we can anticipate the horses will need.  In total, we need to raise 3600€ to care for the horses for the year it has been estimated it will take for Katharina to recover.

We are thankful for all the help for “our horses”!  We will keep you all up to date about what is happening and I hope we will very soon come back with good news!

The OurHorses community has set up a special fund you can add to by clicking the “donate” button below.  Everything collected will be used to support Katharina’s horses for the next year.  In addition, we will be donating 10% of all sales of the Path of the Horse book for the next 3 months as well as collecting donations for this cause at the Path of the Horse film screenings in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on October 6th and in Sugar Loaf, New York on November 2nd.


 Let’s prove who we are by the actions we take.  Share this message and  support our family.

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This video changed forever how I will think about horses. Thank you all for the wonderful, gently eye and heart opener.

Mary Ellen Capps