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The Path of the Horse eBook on Kindle takes the reader beyond the Path of the Horse documentary, following Stormy May's path in the years following the release of the movie. Originally released in 2012 and updated in 2016.

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I never truly met a horse

Is this true for you?  Share your stories about introducing yourself as an equal to a horse in the comments section here.

2 Responses to I never truly met a horse

  • Ineke says:

    Yes, Sheryl: Horses are my guides too. And at the same time I sense that we humans are not less valuable. We are all part of the same Universe, “knowing field”, morphogenetic field, or whatever name you prefer. You and I are timeless souls as well. But we may have more to learn than the horses do…:-)

    I love the quote! It is all about changing our perspective, becoming aware and conscious, isn’t it?

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I am so glad to be a part of this journey…terrified…relieved…full of dreams… The new is never easy. But thank goodness I’m not on my own. And one day I will dance with my horses. And for the first time in 20 years I am reaching out to horses again like they are strange to me, but beautiful and enchanting. I am a child again, and hey, that’s scary, but also full of new light and colour. Thank you. The Path of the Horse is a huge Beginning.

Rebecca Paton