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I see horses being set free

photo by Krzysztof Jarczewski
My life with my horses is the most beautiful gift I have been given. My dream is to make people see it and let all horses live free from slavery.  I see progress, I see people changing, I see horses being set free by their owners and it makes my heart sing, that’s true.
Berenika Bratny
OurHorses community member, Poland
What freedom can we offer horses?
We’re not talking about setting horses free to run in cities or to starve in the wild.  We mean free as we are; free to choose our friends and our own movements, free to say “no” to things that are scary or painful, free to raise our families.  This world of freedom is what we are walking towards.  We feel horses should be taken care of by the race who took their natural world from them.  Some of our horses still live in stalls, some wear halters, some even have shoes; the common thread is that each of us is taking the step this moment that we feel needs to be taken to free the ones we love.

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One Response to I see horses being set free

  • Well thought and well said. We are only limited by our own inhibitions in bringing this consciousness forward. On this journey I find that the more freedom I give to my horses to be themselves, the more I understand how to activate my own freedom and creativity. It can be a win/win for everyone.

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Thank you so much for your touching documentary ! – It changed my life !!! ♥

Georgina Speed