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Introducing the herd at Hontoto Haven

We are exploring a new way of being with horses, hontotoHontoto is a Maidu Indian word meaning “together in heart and spirit.”  We have borrowed the word from the people native to the land where we live with the first horses to be treated this way in the modern world.  We will carry the word forward and let it stand to represent horses and humans living in harmony as family, and as a symbol for peace throughout the world.  We will be together in heart and spirit with every living being on the earth when we find peace inside.  In order to change the world, only one being needs to find that place.  You.  We’re building a community to explore this way of life by living it with horses and humans.

We’re trying our best to live a life of peace; to spend our time helping and healing rather than competing and exploiting.  It feels as if we’re at the beginning of the journey, but it’s felt like that for the past 6 years.  The newness must be part of  what makes this path feel so right.

Read more about hontoto here.

Introducing the herd at the newest OurHorses sanctuary, Hontoto Haven, in Glen Rose, Texas.  Ren Hurst and Brandy Setzer are exploring the path of hontoto with us.  Join us as Ren introduces her friend Jillian to the herd.

This is what we’re going to be doing this year, we hope many of you would like to join us and send your own video introductions.

Thanks to Katrine, Katherina’s horses feed is paid for for the next month!

Follow the path of the moment in peace, and community.  Let’s make our new year bright.

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This wonderful film moved me to tears. It is unfortunate that the ever present pressure to be constantly digitally and remotely connected has for many dulled the connections we all have or are capable of forming with each other and with animals and nature. This documentary should be required viewing for all who live and work with horses. On the verge of buying my own first horse, I look forward to finding that connection and to simply being with her.

Moved to tears