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Lessons in authenticity, from horses

by OurHorses community member Lynda Watson, Ontario, Canada

Every morning I used to sit on the fence and watch my herd of horses meander, play, lead, follow, munch, run and doze in their own community. Each time I was drawn to the awareness of how horses live in authenticity. I try my best to live with that same ideal in my life and how I interact with my fellow beings.

Left to live in their natural state, where they are shown no harm, horses will develop a beautiful authentic model of community. Each important characteristic of this social group co‐existing with another.

There are 3 elements to living authentically; following your authentic path, reacting authentically to one another in the moment and living in authentic community.

Horses just naturally do all three of these in their herds and here is where we can learn so much about ourselves personally, socially and globally just by observing them and being in their presence.

So, what are the characteristic to authenticity? What are the integral pieces of living this way? I would look to my herd and watch the goings on. I see how they share leadership. How they genuinely care for one another. They see emotions as information and don’t sit in them or hold onto them as we humans tend to do. This allows them to be in the moment. They need to be present at all times for their safety. Imagine being in the moment all the time in your life. Try it for a day/an hour. If we spend our time in the past or the future we truly miss the moment. Are we truly listening to each other if we are not present?

Horses don’t judge each other. I think that is one basic reason we humans love being around them, they don’t judge us. We judge each other and ultimately judge ourselves. Imagine what it is like to not judge either and just be present.  They don’t try and fix each other or advise a fellow horse. They genuinely care for each other and allow each other to follow their own path, their authentic path. They set boundaries and are not afraid to do so, it is in their nature.

Do you set boundaries for yourself? We tend to lack in that department. Horses work together for the greater good of the herd. Just as we need to learn from that and work together with all of these aspects for the greater good of all. Horses are just real with each other and us. If they don’t feel safe around us they move away. Not afraid of what we will say or if we will judge them.

I think to myself how I can apply these aspects of authenticity to my day ahead.

Will I share leadership and let go, letting others take the lead? Not leading is not failing, in fact it is empowering for all involved. It is sharing in community roles. Will I sit heavily in my emotions, holding them close to me? Afraid to let them go? Or will I let them those emotions flow through me like a babbling brook singing joyfully and never staying in one place. Will I allow this to happen so I can enjoy the moment and my presence in it? Will I genuinely care for myself and others today? Will set boundaries when need be and respect those boundaries that others set for themselves?  Will I work as a part of a community for the greater good seeing the whole of humanity as the sum of all of our efforts? Will I follow my own authentic path knowing that being true to myself will fill me with joy and I will become a stronger part of the whole? Will I be real with those around me? Speaking my truth and using my voice in a genuine caring and loving manner. Will I hold space for others and support them on their own path without judgment, criticism or blame? And will I do the same for myself? If another person needs to cry and release emotions will I allow them to do so without trying to fix them, blame them or save them? Just holding the space for them to be in their moment.

I think of OurHorses and how it follows the path of the horse to hold an authentic community. We walk together sharing leadership when the time is right for us. We trust the universe to provide. We hold space for and support each other in times of need and times of joy. We don’t judge, criticize or blame. We each bring our own authentic talents to the community and recognize that in each other.

We flow.

We move from one moment to the next in harmony and compassion. We work together with the goal of serving humanity for peace and in doing so learn a bit, no, a lot about ourselves along the way.

If we were a herd of horses we would thrive in the moment and be at peace with nature and one another.

We learn from OurHorses community and take strength and solace from the herd we are. We live in an authentic community called OurHorses.


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This video changed forever how I will think about horses. Thank you all for the wonderful, gently eye and heart opener.

Mary Ellen Capps