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The Path of the Horse eBook on Kindle takes the reader beyond the Path of the Horse documentary, following Stormy May's path in the years following the release of the movie. Originally released in 2012 and updated in 2016.

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Let’s meet in New York

You are invited to a gathering of OurHorses community members and people interested in creating a new world of joy, peace and non-violence for horses and humans.

The Path of the Horse film screening and

workshop focusing on the creation of a new world


At the Sugar Loaf Performing Arts center pavilion
in Sugar Loaf, New York
Friday, November 2nd, doors open at 6, film starts at 7
Tickets: or call 845-610-5335

With the release of The Path of the Horse free online there has been a big, fresh burst of interest in new ways of being with horses.  After only 10 days, the documentary has been viewed on YouTube over 11,000 times.  It feels like the perfect time to invite together those of us who have been touched by Stormy’s journey.  It’s time we meet each other in person and bring our paths together on the physical level. 

One thing that is important on this path is to remember face-to-face connections build the strongest relationships and the biggest opportunities for creative growth.  We can’t have a relationship with a horse over the Internet, we can’t get together to act in a play over Skype, we can’t feed our friends in a Google hangout.  We miss many levels of connection if we don’t meet in person. 

If some of us have met before, it may be even more important as a gesture of our recognition of the importance of maintaining these connections and fostering many new ones, even if it causes a bit of inconvenience; a drive, a ride, not knowing where to stand, what to eat and who to talk to. 

This is the opportunity available on November 2nd for those of you on the East Coast ready to audition to dance with this troupe.  Bring your friends.  It doesn’t matter if they are interested in horses or not.  What could be more entertaining than sitting with a big group of people who are working to create a new world, right here on earth, right here and now?  It’s going to take all types.

Sure, there will be a film screening (and workshop and art auction and food) but that’s just the story that’s going to bring us together.  If you’ve already watched the film 20 times, you’ll get the treat of watching it on a big screen surrounded by 199 other people who might just be the key to the next step of your own journey.  These are your neighbors, this is your tribe.  What is it going to look like?  That’s up to you, add your own expressions, let us know who you are!

We’re going to get right down to work after the film during the workshop, with Stormy May, and other OurHorses community members who have been working behind the scenes joining with everyone present to help bring into physical reality this vision of a better world for horses and humans.  It’s not an evening to be missed.  We will also be filming this collaboration for use in an upcoming documentary.  Here’s a chance to get your heart heard by those who are learning to listen.

Tickets: $15 advance/ $20 at the door.  Advance purchase highly recommended since this venue only has 200 seats available and we will likely sell out.  All seating is general admission.  Reduced price for children/seniors.  To purchase go online at: or call 845-610-5335.  More information on our Facebook event page .

One Response to Let’s meet in New York

  • Please let me know when you are ready to have something like this in
    the Midwest. I live on the Wis./Illinois border and have a network of
    people thru the Equine Essential Oils classes I teach, that I’d love to
    share this with.

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I am so grateful to Stormy to have the courage to put this project together. The core of this work, and the combined message continues to open hearts here and has spurred wonderful discussions and openings about doing things differently with ourselves, each other and our horses. Learning how to be authentic presence creates profound changes, is empowering and is rippling out into the world of humans and how we are relating with each other. The deeper I go into my personal awareness of the connection to all beings the more vast and fulfilling it becomes!

Barbara Alexander