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The Path of the Horse eBook on Kindle takes the reader beyond the Path of the Horse documentary, following Stormy May's path in the years following the release of the movie. Originally released in 2012 and updated in 2016.

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All proceeds are used to support OurHorses sanctuaries, educational programs and service projects.

Let’s show ’em who we are!

Every day more people are hearing about OurHorses and they’re very curious about what we’re doing out in the pastures.  While each OurHorses community member has a different life, we share a deep bond; a love for horses and an awareness that it’s our turn to care for them, they no longer need to serve us.  We’re using non-violent ways to connect with our equine friends and listening and learning about how they would like to be treated.  The Path of the Horse book and movie act as educational materials to teach more people about this cause and to draw them together.

One important part of the path is to recognize our own wealth and to act according to this recognition.  This is how we can care for horses without asking them to serve us in return.  We see the necessity of giving back to the horses in order to move ourselves and our families out of patterns of struggle and pain and into the new world of kindness, compassion and healing.  This is something many of us do each day by caring for horses and our human families.  If we’re going to be the agents of peace and healing on earth, we need to do more.  We need to learn to network together and help this family of ours who share this bond of compassion towards horses.  By acting to support this larger family, we will feel supported ourselves.  We also need to do it because next time it might be you we are supporting. 

We have two fundraisers going on right now.  The success of these will let us know we have found a good way to grow and spread the message of compassion with horses. 

The first fundraiser is for German horse lover, Katherina. Katherina is facing a serious illness and needs care for her 5 horses for at least the next year.  We are so lucky that there are already a group of friends ready to care for the horses and keep them together as a family but they don’t have the money to fund the transportation or food bills.  OurHorses is stepping in to help raise awareness and collect donations that will go directly to the care of Katherina’s horses while she takes the time to focus on her recovery.  We need to raise 3,600 Euros to fund this rescue.  Personal contacts can help too.  If you’re in Germany and can help with transportation or feed donations please contact the project coordinator Sonja at: .

For an easy way to donate use the button here.  All money collected will go directly for the care of Katherina’s horses.

 The second fundraiser is to get the Path of the Horse book into its final printed form.  There’s a lot more work needed to get all of the graphics into print-ready format and we’re squeezing in the work when we can arrange it around other jobs that pay the bills.  We’ve estimated we still need $8,000 to pay for a graphic designkickstarterer and all other printing costs associated with getting the book into a final hard and soft cover form.  We’re running this fundraiser through Kickstarter, an innovative, fun way that more and more people are using to get their dreams funded.  You get cool thank you gifts for pledging on Kickstarter too.  Enter your pledge and then pay only if the goal is reached.  If the goal isn’t reached nobody is charged.  So far we’ve had $1,435 pledged which means $6,565 more before we can be funded.  Oh, did I mention there’s a deadline?  This fundraiser ENDS IN 3 DAYS, at 8:00pm Pacific on Wednesday, September 26th.  Pledge today and share your love for horses by forwarding this message.  Thanks to Virginie, Katrine, Jannie, Natalie, Valleil, Carolyn, Lucy, Lynda and Eva for already pledging your support.


Pledge today on Kickstarter

We are happy to announce we have our first corporate sponsor, Raw Revolution.  Raw Revolution is a company that makes raw, organic, live food energy bars.  Nutritious human fuel from people who are helping each other and the planet.  The bars are an explosion of goodness to help fuel the revolution inside you.

Hopefully Raw Revolution will be the first of many who  recognize that these are all our horses and we show who we are by how we treat them.  If you are part of a business that would like to share your message with the OurHorses community please email: .


Thank you for hearing the call and taking action, 
The OurHorses team












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Hi!  I just watched the documentary on YouTube. I had been planning on attending Meredith Manor, an equestrian college in West Virginia, once I graduate high school, but your documentary changed my life and made me realize what cruelty we are bringing our horses for the sake of controlling them, and how little most people understand them.

Megan Babcock