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Great news from Katherina – 5 horses saved!

If you’ve been around here at OurHorses for a few months you’ve probably heard about our first service project, raising funds to care for a family of 5 horses in Germany for a year.  Their caretaker, Katherina became ill and needed someone who would help her care for these horses while she recovered.  We received this letter from her just before the horses were moved to where they are now cared for by a group of OurHorses community members.  

Dear angels on this earth, who see the magic and beauty in horses that are not used by humans.
I want to thank all of you, who are supporting the case of my horses and therefore are also helping me so much.  Already I was fearing the worst, when I couldn’t care for my little herd anymore, was afraid that I have to give them away, one by one, cause who would take five horses at once? And not only this, but to give them away with the certainty, that they will be ridden, most probably with bits, or abused in other ways. What a horrible thought!  Now, because of your support, it will be possible to bring them to Sonja’s place very soon, where they will have the space and loving care they need and, most important, can all stay together as a family, something I have almost given up the hope to be possible when I fell ill.

Thank you from all my heart for your help, dear people, and special thanks to you, Stormy, for making this possible, and for everything you are doing for the horses all over the world.

Love – Katharina

We still need to raise money for their monthly hay costs.  We’ll post the exact figures of how much we’ve raised and what is left to go, along with cards and a calendar to raise money and awareness in a future blog.  Please donate a few Euros today so we know Katherina’s horses are taken care of and we can create bigger projects to care for more horses and humans.


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This video changed forever how I will think about horses. Thank you all for the wonderful, gently eye and heart opener.

Mary Ellen Capps