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Press Release: “Path of the Horse” Re-Released for Free Online Viewing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Path of the Horse Documentary Re-Released for Free Online Viewing

Nevada City, CA – Independent filmmaker Stormy May has “free-released” her film The Path of the Horse on YouTube.  Originally released in 2008, The Path of the Horse chronicles Stormy’s search around the world to find new non-violent ways to work with horses.

“I came to see that getting this message out as openly as possible–so the general public becomes aware of what goes on with horses during traditional training, and also to show there is an alternative path–overshadowed any financial gain we would get from continuing to charge for the movie,” says May, who made the film after she came to question her practice as a horse competition trainer and judge.

The search for answers took her to Russia, Denmark, Colorado, Arizona and California where she interviewed leading visionaries working with horses today.  What she found is revealed in this 60-minute documentary that has shaken up the horse industry.

Since its original release, The Path of the Horse has gained a worldwide audience and started a movement beyond traditional ideas of horsemanship.  Stormy May has founded a group called OurHorses which is exploring the future of horse human relations without violence and providing sanctuary to horses and humans.  She has also just released a book, The Path of the Horse: from Competition to Compassion, documenting the research she did for the movie as well as stories from her path in the years since the release.

The film can be viewed on the home page at

To contact Stormy with questions or interview requests, please email or call (530) 575-5542.


You can watch the movie here:


View the 4 1/2-minute trailer:

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I am so impressed with the Path of the Horse … it is brilliant and SUCH important work! CONGRATULATIONS – You are true trailblazer and incredibly brave. I actually did not know your personal story or how it was woven through all of this and it touches me so deeply that I just bawled and smiled and cheered through the entire thing- it is so incredibly humbling and takes me to a new level of both understanding and not knowing and seeking and surrendering.

Constance Funk