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Racetracks into OurHorses teaching outposts, call for songs

Here’s a project we can all start creating right now.  The more we think about this together, the more quickly it will manifest in the world.
We’d like to convert racetracks into OurHorses teaching outposts.
 The track and infield will be converted into a habitat for a small herd of captive-born horses to live and be cared for by OurHorses community members.  People will be able to visit with the horses or take a walk through the gardens, meditate, play music, visit the horse history museum, or climb the stands and look out over the living scene below.
These outposts will be islands of peace within cities.   We will also provide educational programs involving horses to help humans heal from the various traumas of life.
In addition, we plan to buy breeding farms from the hands of those who breed for profit and/or sport.  We will convert these farms into teaching centers and thereby do our best to ensure that each horse born from now on will be cared for, protected, listened to, and honored for her entire life. 
There are many things we can learn in the company of horses.
Let’s create these places where we can come together.
How do you express what you’ve learned from listening to horses?  Do you draw, paint, sing, play an instrument, write short stories, novels or make movies?  
Right now our focus is on finding a few singers and songwriters who are able to convey what they feel about this shift of consciousness in being with horses.
We’re looking for songs that bring the heart of horses into the heart of man.  
Upload your song to YouTube and post the link in the comments section of this post.
Even if music isn’t your gift, send us pictures or videos of your other creative expressions.  Everything that is in alignment with the direction of the OurHorses community will be used to help fuel this movement.  We can use our creativity to feed each other inspiration.  We will spread our song alongside that of the horses.  
Express yourself!  Are you ready to take action today?
Here are some heartfelt words written by an OurHorses community applicant:
I have felt alone in my journey with horses for 20 years, mocked and criticized for being different, for not riding enough, for walking and talking with my horses.  A friend loaned me the movie, The Path of the Horse and I cried the entire DVD.  I felt like I had found all the things I felt to be real with real people who have created training methods based on it.  I was in shock.  It was like Klaus Hempfling talks about, I was like a child always with the horses.  I heard the whispers, I questioned self-centered riders.  I dance with them to music like Carolyn Resnick does, I always play music for them to relax.  Like Mark Rashid, I hated the dominance theory.  It was the eeriest experience to see the DVD and have it put into words, theory, experience, and real people who wrapped it up for me. It was an amazing experience.  It was as if I realized there is no original thought on this earth, we are all the same. 

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Thank you so much for your touching documentary ! – It changed my life !!! ♥

Georgina Speed