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Training secrets homework

Tomorrow we’re going to feature an article which will reveal the entire secret to training horses.

In preparation, please consider these four diagrams.  If you are feeling adventurous, post a comment about how you think they will explain the secret to training horses.

Physical confinement by means of fences.
Physical confinement by means of fences.
Physical confinement by means of ropes.
Physical confinement by means of ropes.
Physical confinement by means of fences and ropes.

Physical confinement by means of fences and rope.
No physical confinement
No physical confinement

4 Responses to Training secrets homework

  • It is my deepest hope to apply imagination and creativity to my relationship with my horses. The only tools would be love and faith. The goals would be art and unity by mutual invitation, absent of fear.

  • moonwind says:

    There is litle chance of creating and sustaining a relationship based on trust, authenticity and integrity – if the human needs to work from a place of fear or dominance.

    No wanting, no making, no place for anything that hinders a connecion created from “nothingness”

  • kathie says:

    the only place the horse could act naturally would be no confinement. we want the horse to show her opinions, make choices not react to stimuli. only a free horse with the choice to say no can then Choose to have a relationship with us. realizing how intelligent and sensitive horses really are helps them to help us to understand them, because they are not only very intelligent but extremely generous.

  • Mamukat says:

    Horses are indeed miaucrlous creatures. It amazes me that there are people who are unaware of that. To me, they are oxygen. I was priviledged to meet Denali yesterday, he is a lovely fellow and will have the kind of life he deserves. Mia will be a great momma.I am wondering if it would be possible to come and visit your facility? Please let me know.Keep up the great work!Susan

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Thank you so much for your touching documentary ! – It changed my life !!! ♥

Georgina Speed