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tumbling into OurHorses

A new world awakens
by OurHorses community member Ren Hurst, Glen Rose, Texas
As I sit here and ponder the events and decisions that have affected my life over the past year, it is without question that 2012 was the most powerful and significant year of my life thus far.  I have experienced more change in a one year period than many people do in a lifetime.  I am grateful beyond belief for the learning that has taken place within me, but it did not come easy.  This has been the most beautiful, incredible, humbling, painful, exhilarating, peaceful, and loving yet difficult year of my existence.  I could say I made some massive mistakes, but saying so would probably be my only real mistake.  Looking back, I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I am well on my way to becoming the person I want to be, the person I was meant to be, and that means the barriers in my way had to be revealed to me no matter how difficult that may have been.  I am only sorry for the lost relationships that couldn’t survive the growth.  That said, one of the most important things I have learned this year is this: how much you miss someone is directly related to how much of yourself you were able to love and honor when you were with them.  I cannot even begin to put into words how thankful I am to the special people that came into my life this year and taught me how to look for that love within instead of looking for it in someone or something else.  That is the answer to inner peace and the beginning of a more peaceful world.  So how do horses play into all of this?
Since high school I have known that my life’s work would revolve around horses.  I certainly had a different picture in my mind back then.  I was going to be some amazing, revolutionary horse trainer or something of that nature.  Problem was, I never really enjoyed training horses.  I got great results, but nothing I ever did matched what I was being taught or told to do.  I realize now how many times I could see and/or feel the pain I was inflicting, completely out of ignorance most of the time.  Horses opened a never-ending path to questioning everything the world was throwing at me and telling me to believe.  There is so much that is believed and taught in our world that is simply not true, and if we are to live free and happy, we must be brave enough to question and explore things on our own.  Horses have been the best teachers in my life, and if you are willing to listen to them, you can pretty much learn everything it is you need to know.  However, you cannot possibly hear everything a horse might be willing to say if you are too busy controlling, manipulating, and using the animal for your own selfish desire.  This goes the same for people, and we do that all the time too, mostly without even realizing it.
I, along with many others before me on this path, are working hard to create a paradigm shift in our society.  If you love horses and you want to find the peace, happiness, and love within yourself that we are all so desperately in search of, allow us to show you how a different model of interaction with these amazing beings can bring that forth into your life.  It is not always an easy road – realizing that so much of what you thought and believed is no longer true for you.  It is scary and uncomfortable and COMPLETELY, amazingly worth it.  You will lose a lot along the way that you thought brought you happiness, but everything will be replaced with the things in life that truly allow deep, fulfilling, and lasting joy.  So give it up already.  Surrender and let go of everything you think you know.  As soon as you are willing to do that, the possibilities become absolutely endless.  I’m ready to BE the change I wish to see in this world — who’s with me?

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  • Debra Benanti says:

    My horse is 22, I have owned him since birth. This is amazing information and what we do when he is recooping from injury. Now that I see what can be accomplished without a bit I am totally on board. My horse will love this, and me for the change. Thank you.

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I was speechless! I cried for the longest time. Sometimes it’s hard to look at what you’re doing with your horses and be totally honest. It’s a journey of a lifetime. It challenges us to be better people. Horses keep us honest when we listen.

I’ve followed the work of several of the featured horse people in your video and it was wonderful to see them speak in this venue. I wanted to send a copy to every horse person I know. I long for them to “see”.   Could they “see”?

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend” Henri L. Bergson.

You are truly a blessing and I can’t thank you enough for producing such a beautiful piece of work. Thank you for your sacrifice to make this wonderful film. I believe that your impact on the horse world will be monumental.

Well done!