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The Path of the Horse eBook on Kindle takes the reader beyond the Path of the Horse documentary, following Stormy May's path in the years following the release of the movie. Originally released in 2012 and updated in 2016.

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Two days left, can we do it?!!

Stormy and the others of us working behind the scenes at OurHorses love it when people take the time to write about their experiences with the Path of the Horse movie and book.  Below are a couple of recent messages we received.


But first, remember, only 2 more days to fund the printing of the Path of the Horse book through Kickstarter.  We’re trying not to bite our nails but so far we’ve had $1,555 pledged and have only 48 hours left to raise an additional $6,445.  Vote with your dollars to open this new world to many more people with a print version of the Path of the Horse book.  It’s the most effective way we can think of to improve the lives of countless horses around the world, by spreading a new consciousness.  If we don’t make the $8,000 goal by Wednesday at 8pm Pacific, we don’t get funded!

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Thanks so much for two new pledges from Lois and Kim.  Kim writes:

I wish you every success with The Path Of The Horse book. This is a wonderful project. You inspired me to look again at horses, to see if I had missed something. After a life time with my horses I did and guess what I was happy I did. You taught me something I forgot. Why I had devoted my life to horses in the first place.
Kim Levy Dancing With Horses By The Sea in Nova Scotia.

And here’s one from Gary who recently rented the Path of the Horse movie online:

Hi Stormy,

It must have taken a great deal of courage to leave behind everything you thought you knew about horses and the whole world of horses with which you were familiar that after-all, provided your employment, to search for what you instinctively felt was the truth. Many people feel that little tap on the shoulder saying “Hey, look over here, this is what you’re looking for.” But few people act upon that sixth sense guiding them towards their dream because it is so much easier to dismiss it as nonsense and stay with the status quo. You did not ignore that persistent, nagging voice of doubt within you and bravely questioned everything head on.

All I can say Stormy is well done you for making such a wonderful film. It touched me to my core. It crystallized for me many things I was already feeling instinctively to be right about how we should be relating to horses. Having read both Klaus Ferdinand and Mark Rashid extensively I guess I was already “primed” so to speak and your film was the next step on my own journey with horses. It is a wonderful piece of work Stormy, I cannot praise it highly enough. I must admit I was very tired at the end as the credits rolled as I had stayed up very late to watch it. I almost turned it off as the final credits were going through but that little voice told me not to. I am so glad I kept it rolling because that final scene of the horse handing you the lunge whip made me laugh out loud! It was so lovely and reminded me so much of one of our horses called Caesar. We suspect he is wired up a little differently to most horses and is perhaps the equivalent of an autistic child who has moments of brilliance amongst the clumsy klutz events! We love him dearly and that little scene was a magical moment that reminded me so much of him.
Thank you very, very much for making the film and thank you once again for following up on one rental connection! I am touched. My wife and I do our bit for horses in a very small way with a not for profit organization called Going Home.  We can only take a maximum of 7 horses and to be honest it takes every penny we earn and more. We don’t imagine we will ever be able to retire from our day jobs as our pensions, such as they are (were), have long gone on horses! It is definitely tough at times to keep going so we need any inspiration we can find. Your film has provided a much needed boost to my enthusiasm! Keep up the good work Stormy – you are touching the lives of horses and their carers everywhere and that is a great thing to have done in life.
Kind Regards,

Thank you to everyone who is building this world according to their own hearts. 

The OurHorses team

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Hi!  I just watched the documentary on YouTube. I had been planning on attending Meredith Manor, an equestrian college in West Virginia, once I graduate high school, but your documentary changed my life and made me realize what cruelty we are bringing our horses for the sake of controlling them, and how little most people understand them.

Megan Babcock