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What makes horses different than other pets?

Thoughts from OurHorses community member Virginia Fraser, Ontario, Canada:

Berenika reading with a friend at Centrum Reja, Poland

Just finished listening to Audio Series #1 between Stormy May & Lynda Watson. (Click here to listen to the 35 minute recording.) What struck me as profound…our pets (cats & dogs) come to us in our environment – our homes, etc. In order to be with horses, we must go to them.

We have been sequestered in our homes; our connection to nature has been lost; we have become ungrounded; worse or greatest (depending on your perspective), we have embraced fully “separation” – from nature, from others, from ourselves, from God (Source, Prime Creator, however you wish to define that which is All) The horse offers humanity one way to free ourselves from the invisible shackles that have been imposed. They are a path to freedom.


Thanks to Diana for a generous donation to help care for Katherina’s horses and Natalie for helping power this path in the United States.  Remember our holiday special of 2 for 1 DVDs and a chance to be part of the lives of the horses at our sanctuaries.  If you replied to yesterday’s blog post, thank you!  We’ll be in contact very soon.


A few recent comments from the Path of the Horse video:

from: TheLastHeartToBreak

o.o You guys… This really works…. to an extreme… The next day I went to the stables and I tried it…. every horse I opened myself to and became like still water with… showed massive results. It was unbelievable! The would mimic me and run around hi-spirited just at my presence as they have never had a person use their body,still mind and fun will to get inside their heads. I’m hoping to develop my ways and hopefully show my boss ( who owns the stables) 🙂 I have never felt so peacful

from: KimeyhHD

I hope every horse owner could take 1 hour of their life to watch this, it really opened my eyes. Thanks alot for that!

from: Karissa Wildlight

i’ve always loved horse. though i never knew how much i had been hurting them in the slightest ways, yea everyone makes mistakes. i know i dont want to make any more like this thank you so much for posting this. i never would have learned what was happening in the moment.

from: Katja Lång

This video only inspires me to continue doing what I love. Ground work with my horse. Many people look me weirdly when they see me doing things from the ground. But I havent stopped. And I wont. We share respect for each other with my horse. Thank you for uploading this amazing video <3

One Response to What makes horses different than other pets?

  • kathie takach says:

    i think there is a way for us to return to nature and enjoy our horses with paddock paradise type set-ups. there is nothing wrong with being an educated zoo-keeper!

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I am forever grateful that you created the extraordinary documentary, The Path of the Horse. The structure and order in which the ideas you were attempting to portray were perfectly done. It introduced the problems with common practices while at the same time beautifully and graciously discussing the alternatives to those practices in a way that seems to awaken the inner most consciousness that are embedded in the minds of all beings.  The way you sought out illumination in others was carried out delicately but with complete honesty, and for that, you have my utmost and highest respect.

Maegan Thomas