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Why don’t you ride?

Stormy, I just watched your movie the Path of the Horse.  I love the message but I can not understand why you are no longer riding.  Why do you make exclusive groups like creators on facebook and Hontoto relationships on the website  Most of the trainers you mentioned in your film and by whom you were inspired ride their horses. I feel confused.

Hi M.L.,

Thanks for the question! The Path of the Horse documentary was about the exploration I was on between 2006 and 2008. At that point I thought riding might still be beneficial to the relationship. At least it certainly wasn’t about not riding. It was in 2009 that Alexander Nevzorov stopped riding because he could no longer justify the cost to the horse (this is my best interpretation of his change of course.) When this happened, all the pieces seemed to fit into place and it became clear to me that to find a relationship between equals, I could no longer look for it on horseback.  I documented much of the research and my personal path from 2006-2012 in the book, The Path of the Horse: from Competition to Compassion (2012).

Last year when I started the creators group I wanted to put together a group of people who have already come to their own conclusions that a deeper relationship lies beyond riding, or who are ready to take on the experiment to not ride to see if it brings them closer to the type of relationship they want with horses as well as more happiness and harmony in life.  There are countless groups exploring riding but only ours explores what happens in community when horses are not ridden and service becomes a priority.

All of the other parts of OurHorses on facebook and are open to everybody, whether they ride or not. It’s my intention to make a places online and in real life where everyone can join this path from wherever they are at today. 

The creators facebook group and Hontoto relationships group are specifically for people who are interested in finding out what lies beyond riding. This is to create a group of people to spend time with and explore different things we find when riding is no longer part of the equation.

I hope there are many things we can get to know each other over. Four places your input would be greatly appreciated is in the Open group, Ideas for Service Projects, and Katherina’s horses groups on the website and the OurHorses facebook page.
I hope to see you around in the virtual pastures.

Take care,

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3 Responses to Why don’t you ride?

  • Linda says:

    I just enjoyed watching your wonderful documentary. I learned about Nevzorof and thought him too extreme at the time…now I appreciate and admire his philosophy and reasoning…

    I enjoyed watching your precious documentary that will enlighten people who seek it…

    I want to share that I went about 6 mos NOT riding my horse due to an arm injury from stepping in a hole in the sidewalk I encountered on the streets of Atlanta while walking from the parking lot to the show “Odessyo” , I guess you can say I was still ‘horsin around’! ha ha…

    This incident settled me to spend ALL time with my horse on the ground … we learned Carolyn Resnick’s Waterhole Rituals incorporated with Klaus Ferdinand Hempling’s book ‘Dancing With Horses’. and playing the Seven Games of Pat Parelli, all this at

    One day, during the ‘games’ playing, I asked her to go to cross the bridge in the arena and instead, she took off running and headed to the mounting block!!! She stopped, lined up close to it and ‘looking at me, she asked that we go for a ride!” I said, “oh, you have no halter, reins or saddle or pad” and “you just want me to get on and go??” 🙂 are you crazy?” She just waited, looking at me…So, I have to trust her as I want her to trust me and I went and mounted on her back….I petted her neck, rump,
    all over I could reach,,,,she flexed so I could rub her face…we just sat there enjoying the view and the moment….After about 5 minutes, I dismount and hug her and thank her….we were finished for the day….

    This same scenario began to happen daily in our ‘play’ and after the 5th day I asked her to take a few steps backwards, then
    forwards, and it escalates over a couple of weeks to where I can ask her to ‘take me to the pedestal’ and she does…She ‘knows’

    So, I don’t know what to say about NOT riding your horse EVER AGAIN, except that MAYBE some horses want you to ride them….what a GIFT! I think I owe this excelling relationship with my horse to 1st Pat Parelli for ‘saving’ the relationship and giving me
    confidence and a start to communicating with her through the learning and practice of his 7 games….2nd to Carolyn Resnick for the
    rituals and language to GROW and STRENGTHEN our relationship, and 3rd to Klaus for correctness and consistency in development…
    ..and to you Stormy for putting this all together for the horse…Thank you, Linda

  • Linda says:

    I hope not offend anyone on this blog,,I might should have joined one of the other groups..please tell me if so….I just somehow want to be a part of the journey with yall. Linda 🙂

  • Pam says:

    Stick with Parelli long enough and you just may discover some aspects of it that aren’t so great, like mind-numbing repetition, etc. I don’t mean to offend anybody either. It seems like people either love or hate Parelli (methods). I can see some good in it; however, having just discovered The Path of the Horse, I feel like I’ve found what I’ve been looking for all along – a way to BE with horses. Stormy, you express beautifully what is so hard to put into writing and I feel a connection with you, someone who feels the same way and validates how I feel about horses. You’ve helped me appreciate my feelings and realize that it is not an over-active imagination, but that I really can sense a horse’s pain.Thank you for much for sharing your path with us and for inviting us to join you.

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Hi!  I just watched the documentary on YouTube. I had been planning on attending Meredith Manor, an equestrian college in West Virginia, once I graduate high school, but your documentary changed my life and made me realize what cruelty we are bringing our horses for the sake of controlling them, and how little most people understand them.

Megan Babcock