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The Path of the Horse eBook on Kindle takes the reader beyond the Path of the Horse documentary, following Stormy May's path in the years following the release of the movie. Originally released in 2012 and updated in 2016.

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Synopsis:A horse trainer gives up her career to travel the world, searching for people who might unlock the secret of how to move to the next level of understanding with horses. What she finds is simple but is she willing to pay the price to take the path less traveled?This inspirational documentary explores the future of horse-human relationships and ultimately all human relationships. As our culture evolves from domination over nature into a partnership, we see this change being reflected in the work that people are doing with horses. This is a story of visionaries, of men and women who have made their life’s work to develop and reveal their innermost thought and feelings through achievement of a synergistic balance with the horses’s own elegant naturalness. Horses have a gift to share; teaching us how to develop community, leadership, trust and love within our own families through a connection that goes beyond words. The Path of the Horse DVD

The Path of the Horse takes an honest look at what we’re doing with horses today and asks, “Is this the world we want to create?”

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The Path of the Horse:
from competition to compassion

by Stormy May


The Path of the Horse book cover

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Review by author Monica Marlowe

In The Path of the Horse: From Competition to Compassion Stormy May candidly shares her personal journey from being an accomplished horse trainer and competition judge to being together with horses – and humans – in heart and spirit. Using stunning photography, beautiful artwork, and philosophical quotations, she weaves a tapestry, a vision, of a new world for horses and humans based on love, peace, and compassion.

Faced with new information about riding and standard horse training practices, she takes the reader along on her journey into herself, into her own heart, and asks us to do the same. Stormy May’s story is compelling, thought-provoking, and heart-opening. Her journey is both an inspiration and an invitation to look at horses and at life through the eyes of your heart.
Stormy May’s story completely changed my relationship with my own horse and helped me to remember who I truly am. I give this book my highest and most heartfelt recommendation; read it and follow your heart.

all proceeds are used to support OurHorses sanctuaries,
educational programs and service projects

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Review by Margrit Coates
animal communicator and author of
Healing for Horses, Horses Talking and Connecting with Horses

Despite being in the 21st century, the horse is still much misunderstood. Myths perpetuate about how to look after, handle, and train horses. Who the horse is, is not considered as humans lose their way in intellectual posturing or focusing on systems or methods. Whilst the horse stands waiting for help, people argue about which system of horse management is the best, which guru to follow.

When we follow the true path of the horse however, it becomes a light bulb moment of clarity, and then we can understand the horse, and in doing so better know ourselves. In Stormy May’s book The Path of the Horse, the heart and soul of the horse shines from every page – clear, loud and profound. It is a book of truth about horses, it is Who the horse is. This is a brilliant book and much needed.

Review by Derry McCormick
Director of Administrative Affairs
The EquineSciencesAcademy

More and more horse owners are seeking a better way to care for and interact with their horses. The horse world is steeped, some might say mired, in tradition and change is difficult. It is not always an easy road when one challenges the “way it has always been done.” Stormy May’s The Path of the Horse is a wonderful account of her sometimes difficult awakening to the realities of the horse world as most know it. Her raw honesty in sharing her journey is inspirational and her insight into the process is very helpful for those wanting to move forward, but questioning everything and confused and conflicted. It is especially poignant as it comes from not just a horse owner/lover, but someone who was very successful as a rider/trainer and made a great living with horses. A must read for anyone wanting to find a better way.

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This wonderful film moved me to tears. It is unfortunate that the ever present pressure to be constantly digitally and remotely connected has for many dulled the connections we all have or are capable of forming with each other and with animals and nature. This documentary should be required viewing for all who live and work with horses. On the verge of buying my own first horse, I look forward to finding that connection and to simply being with her.

Moved to tears