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A beacon in the horse world

May 3, 2014

Many people are excited about glamorous horses running races.  Millions watch closely and try to feel the lives of these horses, riders and trainers. Is horse racing the sport of kings, or an exploitative business? Why do we marvel at horses? Are there other ways to enjoy their beauty? Share this post with your friends to spread awareness of what the horse world looks like behind the scenes, and from a horse’s perspective.

A beacon in the horse world

by Graeme Green

In producing the film “The Path of the Horse” Stormy May created a beacon for those in the world who believed there might be something more in our relationship with horses. In so doing, she took a journey, that so many of us would love to have taken.

How many of us though would have traveled, observed and listened, then returned wiser but most likely, just continued our lives.

Watch the Path of the Horse here:

But for Stormy the film proved not the journey, it represents no more than the start; albeit a very inspiring start. The book takes us deeper into that experience and then continues to share with us the subsequent journey. Bringing together frank experiences from her life as a trainer, including candid and honest reference to some of her own of false starts and challenges, with the hope giving direction born of personal enlightenment and change; culminating in the sanctuary and freedom that has grown within the OurHorses movement.

In the book Stormy champions a different way to share our lives with our horses. A way that is underpinned by equality and respect, as well as one that displays the real depth of honesty and intimacy that can be shared with these truly incredible beings.

The Path of the Horse book cover

It is a book for those who seek to be the change that our horses need. It is a book to challenge our place in this world, as well as one that reconnects us with true humanity.

It is a path which is still being laid; creating and holding the space for OurHorses, it has facilitated the growth of a deeper shared awareness built upon more honest and equal experiences. And so the journey continues.

I cannot wait to see where we go now.

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The Path of the Horse: from competition to compassion is now available as an audiobook! 

After 25 years in the City of London, Graeme decided to let the horses set the path and runs an Equine Facilitated Learning business in the UK called HorseHeard, working with young people and disadvantaged groups around the country. He is now developing a complementary service as an equine healer, specializing in distance readings and dowsing. He owes an enormous debt of gratitude to a large Irish Draft called Ernie whose persistence has helped to create and develop this new life direction.


Messages from our friends on Facebook:

Horses are the worlds peacekeepers. Beautiful and wise…. I cannot thank OurHorses enough for the new eyes that I now have.
Thank you! Path of the horse, Was very heart warming, Now I am understanding more about why I have not rode the two six year old horses I have, After riding most of my life, Not that I never will, But that it has been a learning experience that I understand much more clearly now, Have been doing the dance without even realizing, I love you, and thank you for being you and sharing, Really touched my heart.
Stormy May, OurHorses thank you for doing what you are doing and sharing your journey to increase awareness and conscience of humans everywhere who share their lives with horses. Your work is life-changing, inspirational, and above all, the MODEL for how we all should be with our horses. Thank you for asking the questions and doing the work, for the sake of horses everywhere.

Guido Bonino
just saw the entire documentary…thank you, truly an eye, and soul, opener!

Thank you so much for your touching documentary ! – It changed my life !!! ♥
Thank you for writing the gift that these wonderful soulful beings provide us daily. Thank you
Wow I just watched the path of the horse …… I have been trying to tell express how I feel about these animals and finally you have put it all together thank you!!!
“The Path of the Horse” it is worth your time to watch and ponder and learn!
I just watched your documentary on YouTube. It was beautiful. I connected with the message, being a passionate horse person myself and having built and earned those deeper relationships with my own horses. I always strive to pass that greater knowledge and experience to my horse friends as well as students. We should all be so lucky to feel that connection. Thank you for a wonderful film.
Crying…. so touched. I celebrate what you have done. Thank you so very much for this.
hi, such an amazing documentary , you really produce a change in my mind , thank you so much for that , you remembered me the reason of all the thing , since when i watched your video i understood the really important stuff with my life in general and with my horses, really…thank you so much
The path of the horse film is the most amazing film I have ever seen. Thankyou and thank my friend Sandi who showed it to me. At times I could not stop crying something so deep in me was touched. Having just finished a basic horse care and riding course this film should be shown at the start of the course. Infact I think all beings should see it… We all have so much to learn if we are to be the truely loving sentient we were meant to be ..


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I had a friend send me this DVD and I decided to review it while working today.

I had to stop working and just watch it. In our busy lives we need reminders of being in the moment, and today this DVD gave me that gift again.

There is so much I could write about this DVD but it is still all swirling inside me. It is certainly a reminder for anyone who needs to reconnect with their horses (or with anyone in their lives). You interviewed the authors of some of my favorite books, and I enjoyed their message. BUT what came through me was your passion for the horses and because of this; you made their words have substance and in a way where you made each message intermingle and dance together, giving such a wonderfully complete message.

Thank you.

Catherine Bird