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A heart connection with horses and all life

Eclipse sunset editedHave you ever thought about why we domesticated animals and how truly loving our relationships to them are? We bring animals into our lives for our own reasons. We have them because we want them to do something for us. What I think most people are actually seeking with animals is a heart connection. I believe that most people have animals in their lives to get a source of unconditional love that they may not have for themselves already. Training and controlling is not the way to experience unconditional love with an animal. It’s the opposite of unconditional love.

So we’ve got these animals in our lives, that’s fine, they’re here, they need to be taken care of, but we have a choice on how we want to interact with them in that situation where they’re already in a controlled environment. What we typically do is we train, and we use conditioned responses and we use treats and we use manipulation or coercion to get them to do what we want them to do because at the end of the day we have been taught that that’s what to do with animals. If we’re being completely honest, domestication itself is the epitome of control and control has nothing to do with love.

When you remove all forms of controls while also setting very kind boundaries so they’re not doing whatever they want whenever they want, something really transformative happens. What we think of as a domesticated dog or a domesticated horse or a pig or a cat, whatever species, when they truly are allowed to have a mentally free state where they’re able to be who they are in the fullest sense, without fear of being hurt or neglected, they turn into something entirely different than what we’re used to.

What we’re used to is this conditioned being in front of us that is conditioned based on how we control it in whatever subtle or not so subtle form depending on what you do, but it changes everything. It can actually change who you are as a person to choose to practice this unconditional way of relating that really requires you to set very solid boundaries but without making anybody feel wrong or shamed for being who they are.

by Ren Hurst, founder of the New World Sanctuary Foundation

Learn more in an interview with Ren where she talks about these ideas and more from her book, Riding on the Power of Others. Also, don’t miss your opportunity to invest in the creation of a safe, healthy place for the animals of the New World Sanctuary Foundation to roam free, help is gratefully accepted! Find out more at the fundraising site: .

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One Response to A heart connection with horses and all life

  • Sam says:

    Congrats. Thank you for sharing your journey. I apprecated your book when it came out and now i really enjoyed seeing/hearing you share your gifts in person. Thanks for putting yourself out-there in the world, for being a alley for non human animals and for helping create a new world. All the best to you and yours.

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I was speechless! I cried for the longest time. Sometimes it’s hard to look at what you’re doing with your horses and be totally honest. It’s a journey of a lifetime. It challenges us to be better people. Horses keep us honest when we listen.

I’ve followed the work of several of the featured horse people in your video and it was wonderful to see them speak in this venue. I wanted to send a copy to every horse person I know. I long for them to “see”.   Could they “see”?

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend” Henri L. Bergson.

You are truly a blessing and I can’t thank you enough for producing such a beautiful piece of work. Thank you for your sacrifice to make this wonderful film. I believe that your impact on the horse world will be monumental.

Well done!