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Children and free horses in Poland

Account of a children’s workshop in Poland  June 2012
by OurHorses community member Berenika Bratnyhorse children love

The Path of the Horse movie has inspired a lot of people to change their ways with horses.  One of those inspired was Karolina – a teacher and an activist who came up with an extraordinary idea.

During a Warsaw viewing of the movie,  followed by an interview and workshop with Stormy May, Karolina was deeply moved.  She thought about the children in her school – she wanted them to learn the truth about animals.  She had a dream that children from her class could get to know horses for who they really are – equals and friends. That’s how she contacted me with an idea to create a workshop for her class.

Everything was prepared – tables and chairs were set in the fields so we could draw and paint and play among the grazing herd. Lectures, films and the horses themselves – eager to meet everybody who came with an open heart.

In the morning, a few hours before the workshop, I went out to the meadows to meet my herd. I was shocked to see my mare Reja lying down and a … small foal at her side!  Nobody knew she had been pregnant and the baby came to our world just in time to greet the children!

The children and horses mingled together immediately forming a group of curious individuals eager to touch, sniff and greet each other.  It was fun to watch.  We started our “lessons” with subjects such as: who are free horses, what can we learn from them, what do they teach us about friendship and love, what do they really like to do, what do they need to have a happy life?  We learned by interpreting their body language – to be able to recognize a horse who is sad, depressed or happy and playful.  We watched them interact with other horses and humans.  We played with those who were interested, we told a lot of stories; happy stories like the one about young Amigo and the old and lonely mare Wirga and their incredible friendship that has survived many years. And sad stories – those about bits and saddles.

old horse child love

The workshop took four days. Little newborn Shimmering Light was watching how his uncles and aunts interact with humans. He was as innocent and open as the children themselves. Everything was new and sacred to them in this first contact. Watching the little ones – the children and the foal,  a thought came to my mind – who knows, maybe one day, when they are grown ups and Shimmering Light is a mature horse, the world will be a better place for horses? Maybe, when those children are adults, it will be normal for humans to share their lives with other inhabitants of the Earth without any need to use them.

The idea of workshops with children is now being developed into a bigger project to bring the awareness to the youngest ones. It is now a part of Academia Liberti Trifolium project – the horse and human development and healing method. For children, it will be a new way of learning about horses, of discovering their true nature and connecting with the beauty of these creatures fully free and without a need to follow the old practices of using these animals. A new approach for the new age in accordance with the awakening of humanity.

photos © MILKA JUNG

4 Responses to Children and free horses in Poland

  • Stacy Schmoyer says:

    Hello from USA New York! Thank you for sharing this story. I too would like to educate kids and others who want to know other ways to see and be with horses besides using them as you say. I would love to develop a cirriculum for 4Hers, schools, clinics, rehabs but how? The first question out of many kids mouths is, “when can we ride”? right away my hairs begin to stand up and I have to learn to work through this so I can communicate important information cllearly. Its a journey I am interested in taking I just don’t know how to start – maybe I’ll just start today and decide that this is what I want to do. I’m a little concerned with bringing kids into my pastures though with horses. I would love to speak with you more about this. You can reach me at the above email. Thank you!! Stacy

    • Berenika Bratny says:

      Hello from Poland! I understand you perfectly as I also had such concerns about bringing children to my herd and I was also very anxious to start. I would love to share more details about the workshop with you, but I do not see your email adress here. Maybe we could contact through facebook and then discuss it by email?

  • Bunny Murphy says:

    I love this…it is so true..we need to stop using animal. I run daycamps at my farm and I do give the children an oppurtunity to ride these beautiful animals. But since I had my freak horse accident things have changed in my life and I would love to turn my day camps into these types of camps. I do work with my horses using natural horsemanship and my love is to ride bareback and no bridle. I hope you could send me more info on your workshops. Thanks and have a great day.

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I am so grateful to Stormy to have the courage to put this project together. The core of this work, and the combined message continues to open hearts here and has spurred wonderful discussions and openings about doing things differently with ourselves, each other and our horses. Learning how to be authentic presence creates profound changes, is empowering and is rippling out into the world of humans and how we are relating with each other. The deeper I go into my personal awareness of the connection to all beings the more vast and fulfilling it becomes!

Barbara Alexander