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Feed the humans

by Stormy May

horse human relationshipA path can grow like a tree.  New branches emerge as the tree receives nourishment from the ground and sky.  The path of the horse has grown for me into the path of the human.  A new branch is budding. 

Through the path of sharing love with particular horses and cultivating an openness to the mystery of every horse I’ve met, I have been transported back to a deeper love; my love for humans and a wish to care for them.  I realize now that I was able to love horses so deeply because they were safer, more understandable to me than humans.  They generally stayed where I put them and if I moved, they would move with me; at least that’s how it went in my life.  If things weren’t working out, I could always try again the next day.  Humans had this habit of getting offended or angry and leaving in the most perplexing and uncontrollable ways. 

I have spent many years watching and listening to and being in relation with horses and humans.  From the lessons I’ve learned in relationships I have navigated this path that springs from within, one that feels right in each moment I become present and remember the direction to face.  Now that I have turned more of my daily energies away from competition, fighting, control and domination of both horses and humans I have found space and a desire, a calling to focus on something radically different yet still part of the same tree. 

I see that to free the horse we must free ourselves.  To free ourselves we must have a certain feeling that we are cared for on a physical level and that our family is cared for.  Food, clothing and shelter are basic necessities to ensure we have a chance at flourishing in our bodies.  We need to feel that our physical vehicles are taken care of before we are able to take on the inner struggle of ending the violence and separation within.

The step of our human path that shines bright before me is to lend my gifts to end the human fear of hunger.  There is something so basic about feeding each other that I often sit in wonder that we haven’t already figured out how to do that.  We can go to Mars, clone animals and build luxury hotels yet we haven’t figured out how to feed our human family.

It’s not understandable and yet completely understandable from a different perspective.  Of course we can’t feed our entire human family yet, we still see others as separate from us.  We see winners and losers and right and wrong and good and bad.

Thankfully thousands of people have already seen their own positions of fortunateness and are working to feed humans beyond their immediate family.  My tiny voice, one of over 7 billion has joined the chorus.  I pledge to use my gifts to uplift the consciousness of humanity.  In this uplifting, animals will be released from the roles they have so graciously taken on for generations and we will be able to love every person in our human family as tenderly as when we were babies emerging knowing how to love our mother.

I’ve been doing my homework looking at current models of ways people are working to feed the world population.  It appears that we do currently produce enough food to feed everyone in the world.  Let’s make that happen. golden sunflower

We have the capacity today to end not only the physical hungers but also to end the hungers that drive us to dominate others.  This is a new world we are living in; the fruits of generations of human creativity have led to this moment where we can all become present and see the beauty of the intricate dance around us.  When we are ready to see what lies beyond competition and control, we will naturally be drawn to what each of us feels called to do to thrive together on this little planet we’ve been given.

What can I start with a small team of friends?  Maybe we will open a “Free Meals” restaurant in our town or outfit a catering trailer we pull around the country, feeding people and gathering support to feed many more.  There are countless actions we’ll try as we’re exploring this branch.  We will do our best as servants of the creation, as hands that serve the larger human organism striving to live in balance with other life on this planet by following the path of love.

I am currently working with others on the OurHorses team to complete paperwork to become an official non-profit 501(c)(3) organization so we can move ahead with the steps we’re inspired to take to feed the humans and free the horses.

I’d like this job to be done soon.  If we can find the freedom today to see what is, and prioritize our lives we can use the gifts and talents and affluence we already have to end world hunger this generation.  By fostering the consciousness that we can serve free meals in every human gathering place around the world, we will ensure that all humans are fed every day on many levels.  By ending the perception of separation within, other human distortions such as slavery and war will no longer have bodies to live in and we will all be free. 

I need a lot of help to make this happen.  I still hear all those voices telling me this is an impossible task; my writing isn’t good enough, I’m not going to follow through, nobody will believe that we can figure out how to make this happen.  Fortunately, I know those voices are a sign I’m on the right path. 

If you are reading this article you are already part of this team.  I’ll write more about specific ways you can help if this path feels good to you in the days to come.  Do you want to help more today?  Send a prayer for us, forward this article to a friend or share it on a social network and please use the comments section to tell us about ways you have seen that people are already working successfully to end world hunger.  Feel free to share links to videos and websites that give us clues to inspire us along this exploration and make it seem possible.  It’s even ok if you want to write and tell me how this isn’t going to work.  Any energy spent thinking about this mission ahead of us will help. 

May our energy around this topic feed the path of peace.

7 Responses to Feed the humans

  • Love, love, love The Path Of The Horse! Thank you for making the film – It is shown it to everyone who comes to Dune Lakes Retreat and Horse Inspired Learning Centre. I am also wholeheartedly behind your feed the Humans drive – good on you for making a stand for what’s possible!! More power to you sister!! Warm regards Rosemary

  • Lindy James-Christenson says:

    I AM part of your vision my friend. I will spread the news as I travel about the world and do my best to set into action a place here and there to do exactly this. Never never listen to the voices that say no. You and We are the bringers of the energy and the light that will establish a new free world and a new loving and caring world. Together as healed humans we will manifest a world where we all can have everything we desire including food. Thanks you so much for having the strength, courage and heart to move forward with all your dreams.

  • We join you on your mission! Free the horses, feed the people. World peace and love for all. Freedom. We will stay posted on your articles to see how we can help and support the world through this mission. Kindess and love makes more kindness and love…and so on and so on. If we all start to put even a bit of our kindness and love out “there”, we can collectively make this happen. Peace and love, Fotini and The Big Red Barn

  • Madeleine says:

    I would like to share with you the Ringing Cedar book series by Vladimir Megre, starting with Anastasia. These are highly inspirational books, based on freeing humanity, rather than just feeding us. Based on helping us find our soul again and so freeing the animals, saving the environment, ending war. Each book is more amazing than the last one.

  • Valezka says:

    I am with you Stormy. The horses have led me to feel what you are feeling for our world and our people. You are in my prayers. It all starts with a vision then it can manifest. You are a very courageous being. Your journey has inspired many to awaken and to take action. I join with you in spirit and will share your vision here in Australia, holding active and powerful presence with the horses and the earth. Valezka

  • Haylee says:

    We too rescued a reohacrse that the owners no longer wanted and he also won them money. I just don’t understand! He was sooo skinny. They just left his shoes on for months and threw him in a pen to sit. He of course starting cribbing, but we were told he had only been doing this for about a week . We had an equine dentist check him out and his teeth were all worn down. So much for that week of cribbing. A year later you would be amazed at how wonderful he looks. I named him Angel . He has the sweetest personality and we love him dearly. Is there no way to find out who the owners of Kitty were? And who dumped her? I am just so happy that you were able to rescue her because I have been to your facility and you take great care of your horses. Above and beyond what most would do! Bless you!

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I am so glad to be a part of this journey…terrified…relieved…full of dreams… The new is never easy. But thank goodness I’m not on my own. And one day I will dance with my horses. And for the first time in 20 years I am reaching out to horses again like they are strange to me, but beautiful and enchanting. I am a child again, and hey, that’s scary, but also full of new light and colour. Thank you. The Path of the Horse is a huge Beginning.

Rebecca Paton