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Listen to the future of horse human relationships

I know quite a few of you here have heard of Ren Hurst, the woman who is speaking out and walking her talk to help us gain clarity and grow closer in our relationships with horses and each other. I met her some years ago and I have seen that she has what it takes to help us evolve to the next level of consciousness. If you’re ready to deepen your understanding of our human condition please take 42 minutes to watch this interview by Abby Lodmer.

– Stormy May

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2 Responses to Listen to the future of horse human relationships

  • Julie Benner says:

    Hello Ren, I do understand and agree with much of what you are saying, however I do believe that the plight of many animals needs to be exposed,— not to judge or make anyone feel guilty or bad about themselves but to at least give people the knowledge and education so that they can then make INFORMED choices,—- I believe this is the right of everyone!

  • Angela George says:

    Everything you are saying makes sense to me and resonates with lessons I have been learning all based on my inner work. We were raised in different times and now we can leave the fear and guilt behind. By judging ourselves we imprison ourselves in those past actions. When we realise that judging ourselves or others keeps us all separate then we can begin to create new ways of being that confirms our connection. Once we stop blaming others for how we feel or choose to feel we can begin to reclaim our power and free others.

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A huge thank you to Stormy and all the teachers in the documentary. My heart is weeping and laughing at the same time, expanding, searching, inviting, imploring and adoring this documentary of the breakthroughs in human thought about Horse. The horse humans who are heartsinging this renewed path within a loving matrix of respect and awareness and consciousness are of the new world we all wish to create.

As we begin to embody this energetic and compassionate understanding at a cellular and holographic level, I envision magnificent change in our partnership with Horse. The elegance and balance of this dance will take our breath away! Our dreams will be filled with the horse’s dreams of infinite possibility. Our days will be full with the beatuy of expressed harmony and peace. And our world will be changed…

Many of us keep reaching for the highest thoughts around this and through our daily choices in thought and deed add our life force to the blazing of this sacred pathway where two life forms have chosen Each Other.

What an honor and privilege the Horse has given us.

Amber Hinton