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Meditation with Horses summer solstice

meditation with horses 2013

Join us in celebration of the summer solstice (and winter solstice in the Southern hemisphere) by meditating with horses.  We will be gathering in small groups around the world to meditate with our horses.

From the Washington Post:
At 5:04 UTC (1:04 a.m. EDT) on June 21, the sun can be seen straight overhead along the Tropic of Cancer, while the North Pole reaches its maximum annual tilt toward the sun. As the planet rotates on its axis, areas within the Arctic Circle see the sun circle through the sky for 24 hours.

The time converts to:

10:04 PM PDT on Thursday June 20th in California and the West coast of the USA
12:04 AM CDT on Friday June 21st in Texas and surrounding areas of the USA
1:04 AM EDT on Friday June 21st in New York and the East coast of the USA
6:04 AM BST on Friday June 21st in London and surrounding areas in Europe
9:04 AM MSK on Friday June 21st in Saint Petersburg, Russia and surrounding areas
3:04 PM AEST (winter solstice) on Friday June 21st in Sydney, Australia and surrounding areas

If you are unable to meditate with horses at this time, try to meditate during the sunset closest to the times above and intend that you join energies with the others meditating around the world.  Meditate as long as you feel the pull.

If you have a meditation that works for you please use it.  If you would like a meditation to guide you, you may choose to use the following words:

All beings are free.
All beings are loved.
All beings are loving.
All beings are joyful.
All beings are safe.
All beings are connected to the Universe.
All beings are connected to Universal Wisdom.
All beings live in harmony with nature.
All beings have abundance.
All beings are eternal.
All beings are infinite.
All beings are limitless.
All beings are at peace.
All beings are healthy.
All beings are wise.
All beings are grateful.
All beings are truthful.

Or it could be narrowed down to 3 lines:

All beings live in truth.
All beings are joyful.
All beings are love.

During the meditation, envision what we desire and most importantly, imagine the feeling of the reality of that vision.  Feelings are the language of the Universe and it will match the vibrational frequency of our output.   The planet is a living entity, and thus each line of the meditation above would apply to her as well.

sunset ocean parkThere is absolute scientific proof that meditation has a positive effect on not only the participant but on the surrounding environment. There is undeniable evidence that we are all connected to all life through our electro-magnetic fields and that of the planet and all her inhabitants – animal, vegetable and mineral. Make the effort to research this information for yourself. 

Invite friends to meditate along with the horses and let us know how many you will have gathering (horse and human.)  Then of course after the meditation let us know what you experienced!

Thanks to Virginia Fraser in Canada for the words for the meditation and inspiration. 
Thanks to Merens Suisse in Switzerland for instigating this meditation.

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I am ready to join this revolution, it has been long coming. And coming for so long I didn’t even realize until I saw the documentary.  I recently read a few ground-breaking books about horses. Then this documentary, it hit me so hard in the solar plexus, a soul stop for sure.