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Our new heroes

horse living room

photo by Brandy Setzer

Care to spend the evening watching a couple of TED talks together?  Let’s pull up some comfy chairs and make this our virtual living room where we watch videos together and share our own ideas and inspirations related to these two talks in the chat room and comments section of this post.  This one way we’re hoping to grow our community.

This first video is a guy who is our new hero.  Please do take time to watch his 9 minute TED talk.  This human being shows by example how we are poised to change the world.

Click here to read the True Activist article about Jack Andraka


This second video shows what happens when children (and grannies) around the world are given computers with Internet connection.  This seems like an integral part of what it will take to end war, hunger and slavery. 

Why are people so ignorant?  An empowered answer is, “Because I haven’t figured out how to communicate well enough to heal humanity’s wounds.  I haven’t learned to be part of a team training together to save the world.”  That’s the experiment we’re living here as OurHorses.  How do we live with love and respect?  How do we communicate what we are seeing? How do we serve others and lead by example?

Knowledge paired with the ability to communicate and a network of supportive friends will heal this world.  If we can all get behind a good idea, let’s act on it.

If your mind isn’t blown after watching this second video, you’re probably not facing the same direction we are. 

Let’s set a time to get together in the chat room and talk about our ideas and inspirations.  How are we going to save the world?  Let’s run with this!

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Thank you so much for your touching documentary ! – It changed my life !!! ♥

Georgina Speed