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Sharing space

Eclipse horse snoozingHorses have carried us into other realms for thousands of years.  If things seem to not be working: stop, breathe, look around.  Share some space and time with a friend named Eclipse.  You may be carried to the space where the heart speaks.

Today, we come silently, respectfully into his space, his presence can transport us to the place of pure presence within.  Let’s take a 5-minute journey into presence with Eclipse at the OurHorses sanctuary in North San Juan, California on a sunny August afternoon in 2013.  Share in the exquisite delicateness horses exhibit when they are honored as equals and thanked for being exactly who they choose to be; part of the harmonious dance of nature.  Find more connections at and  “like” us on Facebook to be part of our latest creations.

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  • Anouk says:

    I Always love your videos and pictures Stormy, they are beautiful. I watched this one over and over again :). I think you’re doing amazing work and I’m really thankful that you shared the Path of the Horse documentary and all your blog posts. It made me look different at horses and the world, and my horse and I really love just sharing space together, which we now often do 🙂

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This video changed forever how I will think about horses. Thank you all for the wonderful, gently eye and heart opener.

Mary Ellen Capps