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The drug of the nation

What is the drug of the nation?
by Stormy May
computer life
In 1991 I was a DJ on KDVS FM 90.3, a radio station comprised mostly of college students at the University of California Davis.

The station is dedicated to promoting underground musicians in all genres.  That year a lot of our DJs were listening to a new song, “Television the drug of the nation” by a group called Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy.  Because I spent many hours in the studios and music rooms of the basement of Freeborn Hall that year I frequently heard the song echoing through the walls as the song broadcast out on 5,000 watts to the neighborhoods of Davis, Woodland, through most areas of California’s capital Sacramento and into the foothills. 

Today I saw the video for the first time.  Listening to the lyrics and watching the images, I feel the message is as relevant today as it was twenty-two years ago.   

The song’s message to me was “wake up and look at what you’re spending your time doing!”  I had grown up in a world where somehow I had gotten so enthralled by TV that I paid extra to have my Mtv and once calculated that it wasn’t an infrequent day that I would spend more than 5 hours “resting” or “learning” or “being with friends” in front of the television screen. 

Listening to the song in 1991, watching my life going by, that was the year I stopped watching television.  Suddenly I had many extra hours to devote to living life rather than sitting still watching others live life.  That choice was likely at least in part responsible for me being able to walk towards my highest dreams at the time of understanding horses and creating a better world for them and for my human family as well.

Give yourself the gift of watching the above video at least 10 times over the next week.  The song came out before the Internet for most people was anything more than emails and well before YouTube and social media became popular.  I think the message can be expanded beyond television today to include whatever time a person spends staring at a screen, being a consumer.

Here is another version of the message.  Watch as if it’s the last “show” you’ll ever be more interested in than living your own life.  If you still want to spend more time in front of the screen…watch it again!

Let me know if you take the challenge of watching the video at least 10 times over this next week.  It may sound like a waste of time but I suspect you will find something interesting.

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One Response to The drug of the nation

  • Peter Hussmann says:

    I admit that I watch too much television, it is addictive and so easy. Just plop into the recliner and vegetate. My dog Bodhi knows better and tries to lure me away by dropping her toys in my lap. She doesn’t want to see me waste my lfe away and knows that once I engage her in play I will feel a lot better. In my defense I only watch shows that I record and fast forward through the commercials, I don’t watch news much, except for ” The Daily Show” which is hilareous. I tend to watch more TV in the winter when it gets dark at 5:00pm and it is cold and snowy outside. But I appreciate these videos for reminding me that reading is a much better past time. Especially books about horses!

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I was speechless! I cried for the longest time. Sometimes it’s hard to look at what you’re doing with your horses and be totally honest. It’s a journey of a lifetime. It challenges us to be better people. Horses keep us honest when we listen.

I’ve followed the work of several of the featured horse people in your video and it was wonderful to see them speak in this venue. I wanted to send a copy to every horse person I know. I long for them to “see”.   Could they “see”?

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend” Henri L. Bergson.

You are truly a blessing and I can’t thank you enough for producing such a beautiful piece of work. Thank you for your sacrifice to make this wonderful film. I believe that your impact on the horse world will be monumental.

Well done!