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The great vision of Black Elk

black horse merens stallion“It was dark and terrible about me, for all the winds of the world were fighting….

“Then the poor horse neighed and rolled and got up, and he was a big, shiny stallion and his mane about him like a cloud. He was the chief of all the horses; and when he snorted, it was a flash of lightning and his eyes were like the sunset star. He dashed to the west and neighed, and the west was filled with a dust of hoofs, and horses without number, came plunging from the dust. Then he dashed toward the north and neighed, and to the east and to the south….

“All the universe was silent, listening; and then the great stallion raised his voice and sang. The song he sang was this:

“My horses, prancing they are coming.
My horses, neighing they are coming;
Prancing. they are coming.
All over the universe they come.
They will dance; may you behold them.
They will dance; may you behold them.
They will dance; may you behold them.
They will dance; may you behold them.

black horse stallion mares merens“His voice was not loud, but it went all over the universe and filled it. There was nothing that did not hear, and it was more beautiful than anything can be. It was so beautiful that nothing anywhere could keep from dancing.”

– Black Elk (1863-1950), a medicine man of the Oglala Sioux, describing his “great vision” to John Neihardt

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This video changed forever how I will think about horses. Thank you all for the wonderful, gently eye and heart opener.

Mary Ellen Capps